Elevating the Everyday with BELatina: Here’s How You Can Get Your Vanilla On with Nielsen-Massey

Have you ever wondered about the story behind vanilla? It’s a flavor that has been cherished for centuries, and Nielsen-Massey has been producing high-quality vanilla products for over a century. Their range of pure vanilla, extracts, pastes, beans, and unique flavorings offers a versatile range of options for infusing vanilla flavors into your recipes.




Recently, BELatina TV teamed up with Nielsen-Massey to create vanilla-inspired recipes. It was a lot of fun for them – and for the whole set as well.  

One of the versatile products offered by Nielsen-Massey is their vanilla paste. It’s not just something you can use in baking, like an extract, but it has so many more uses. You can use it in your yogurt, add it to your coffee or tea, or use it to flavor your smoothies. It’s a great way to add a touch of vanilla flavor to any dish. 

During the latest BELatina TV episode, Chef James Tahhan and Matt Nielsen, Vice President of Strategic Initiative at Nielsen-Massey, explored the many uses of vanilla in cooking, baking, and mixology. They created vanilla tastings and food pairings that showcased the different types of vanilla beans and their unique flavor profiles. They also shared recipe ideas for using vanilla in everything from cocktails to baked goods, to savory dishes. Karent Sierra came in a little later to do what she does best: be the food taster.  

“Even just sitting off on the side, seeing the on-screen chemistry between Chef James, Matt Neilsen, and Karent was just natural and flowed easily,” Adam Hobbler, Director of Marketing at Nielsen-Massey, said. 

Get your vanilla on with Nielsen-Massey

If you’re looking for recipe ideas that use vanilla, Nielsen-Massey’s website is a great place to start. They offer a range of sweet and savory recipes, as well as cocktail recipes that feature their vanilla products. Want to know where you can get this product from a retailer near you? Well, you can use their store search function by zip code. 

Nielsen-Massey takes great pride in their vanilla products and for good reason. They focus on vanilla because it has such a romantic story behind it all the way from how it is picked and cultivated to the way it shows up in your kitchen. They take extra steps to make sure that the natural flavor of the vanilla bean makes it all the way to your kitchen. The cold extraction process allows them to retain delicate flavor compounds that will otherwise get cooked off if you use heat or pressure. This attention to detail ensures that the quality and taste of their vanilla products are unmatched. 

Incorporating Nielsen-Massey’s vanilla products into your recipes is sure to impress your guests and take your dishes to the next level.  

Watch the latest BELatina TV episode to learn about Nielsen-Massey. The episode will air on May 3rd at 7:30 AM PST/ET. It will also be available to stream indefinitely on belatina.com afterwards.  

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