Karol G Denies Sending Campaign Song to Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro

Karol G Denies Sending Campaign Song to Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro
Credit (left to right): Instagram @karolg/ Khamenei.ir

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro recently claimed that Colombian artist Karol G had sent him a song for his presidential campaign. However, the singer’s team quickly and firmly denied these allegations. 

Karol G’s team stated unequivocally, “The assertions by politicians or political parties that Karol has sent songs for campaigns are not true.” They further emphasized that “Karol’s music has never been used for such purposes. We deny these claims,” as reported by EL COLOMBIANO. 

What Venezuelan Dictator Nicolás Maduro Said

Maduro had announced that the song would debut in the coming days, even demonstrating a dance move he had prepared for it. “Look, I’ve already practiced the dance,” he mentioned during a speech. The president-candidate declared, “Karol G sent me a song for my campaign.” He added, “Here, they know me as the gallo pinto, but abroad they’re calling me Nicol G, I don’t know why.”  


¿Karol G le envió canción a Maduro para su campaña? Esto dijo el presidente de Venezuela en medio de la promoción de su campaña presidencial, mencionando de paso que al parecer en el exterior lo conocen como “Nicol G” karolg nicolasmaduro tendencia reels famosos celebridades tendencia reels polemica chismeshoy chismescolombia

♬ sonido original – Amazing Changes – Amazing Changes

This isn’t the first time Maduro has referenced the popular singer, known as the “Bichota,” in his public appearances. Just a few weeks ago, he danced to her song “Amargura” with Rafael Lacava, the governor of the state of Carabobo. 

Meanwhile, as he tries to seem “relatable,” many people within the Venezuelan population are struggling to make ends meet, which was caused by his directives. In fact, according to ENCOVI (Encuesta sobre Condiciones de Vida), about 58 percent of Venezuelans lived in extreme poverty in 2023. Rather than dancing and prancing around, Maduro needs to step down and give democracy the reigns. Venezuelans deserve to thrive again. 

Nevertheless, Karol G’s team has made it clear that the artist’s music is not associated with political campaigns and remains solely for entertainment and personal expression. Let’s hope Maduro learned his lesson – no one has time for him to be clowning around when there is a nation in need.  

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