La Femme Artiste Debuts a New Show at PVAA in Montclaire, CA

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In life, there are those with ideas, dreams, or goals that fade with time or get lost in a vortex of everyday responsibility. However, people who live with passion and purpose find ways to create a vision that will help inspire, empower and educate. The world is a better place when we step up to make a difference. ‘This world is but a canvas to our imaginations.’ – Henry David Thoreau

Kathleen McCall & Saige (Mateo) Laurean

Kathleen McCall Saige Mateo Laurean

Kay Kelman, studio artist and Graphic Designer of Naked Canvas Art is a woman driven by her constant search for greatness. At the age of 12, her family brought her to the United States after surviving the 1983 war in Grenada. Initially, Brooklyn was home temporarily, until relocated to Oklahoma where she later received her Fine Arts Degree at Oklahoma State University. Kay holds several accreditations, achievements include a Bachelors in Graphic Design, Biblical Studies, AA Liberal Arts and Education Credential in the state of California and Oklahoma. Teaching College Board AP Art for 10 years was a stop on her way to Director of Marketing for an international private school system. She is a mother of two in a marriage of 19 years.

Kay Kelman

Key Kelman Art BeLatina

Sandra Grimley

Sandra Grimley Art BELatina

Her mission did not stop there, she continues to seek different avenues to use her gifts to improve the lives of those around her. Once we drink from the cup of greatness, the desire to better yourself gets stronger and stronger. One day, at a cafe in a conversation with a friend after seeing an art show nearby, Kay was hit by a new spark. In all her years of studying the arts, the names that resonated were of men. The dominant roles men have played in our society touch every aspect of life. Men are the heroes, women somewhat of an afterthought, with accomplishments not as highly celebrated. She had plenty of friends who were artists, she herself was a student of the craft. La Femme Artist Exhibition was born from this enlightening moment. An all-female group of artists united to promote all forms of art created by women. Although, both female and male artists are celebrated for their work. La Femme’s goal is to bring empowerment to female artists by providing a stage to show off their talents.

Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey Art BELatina

Su Cheatham


Su Cheatham BELatina Art

Yvette Bodden

Yvette Bodden Author BeLatina

In February 2019, Awakened-Woman was invited to participate with the article “These Women Know Who They’re Mean To Be – You Can Too.”  The exhibition is taking the West Coast by storm, again when La Femme Artiste debuts a new show at PVAA in Montclaire, CA on  August 2-8.  I’m honored to be part of an amazing ensemble of women to celebrate the arts.  My book “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” will be showcased along with the works of:

Inspiration is everywhere, keep your mind and eyes open. If you are in the Montclaire, CA area, please stop by PVAA to support female artists. Strong women empower other women.

Francine Collier

Francine Collier Art BeLatina
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