5 Latin Must-Listen-To Jams For Christmas Parties

5 Latin Must-Listen-To Jams For Christmas Parties belatina latine
Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/ La Vaca, Mala Fe

I don’t know about you, but once December hits, all I can think of is get-togethers and celebrating with my loved ones. What’s better than hanging out with your family and friends?

It’s almost time to set up those out-of-office messages and enjoy the slow inboxes from Christmas week to the first week of 2023 – so how are you preparing?

To make these Christmas gatherings and parties memorable, why not make an enjoyable playlist for your festivities? We’re not talking about listening to what’s on the radio either, let’s take it back a notch.

Here are five classics, must-listen-to jams for Christmas parties, because we know that’s all you’re really thinking of.

P.S. For once, we’ll leave Elvis Crespo out of this one. “Suavemente” is a given.

‘La Vaca’ – Mala Fe

The Dominican artist Mala Fe was onto something when he released “La Vaca.” I mean, how he found inspiration through a cow and made it a global phenomenon is beyond me. As long as we have a rhythm going on, why not dance, right? 

‘El Beeper’ – Oro Solido

This is another track that’s a classic. We just love the fact that these early artists sang nearly anything. And for those who don’t know what a beeper is… please let us enlighten you.

‘El Tiburón’ – Proyecto Uno

This Dominican-American hip-hop and merengue group were it in the early 1990s. There was not one Latine party that didn’t play this track.

‘La Niña Fresa’ – Banda Zeta

Who is the niña fresa in your family? Chances are if you can’t think of someone, then it’s probably you! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you exactly want, ¿qué no?

‘La Chona’ – Los Tucanes De Tijuana

Last but not least, we can’t let Los Tucanes out of the circle. “La Chona” is the instant get-up-and-dance track. Clearly, it’s a classic and still turns heads: the lead vocalist even took the song to Qatar’s World Cup! These dudes know how to party!

What are your favorite must-listen-to jams for the holiday season?

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