Latino Fútbol Radar: Brazil Dominates as Neymar Returns to Action

Latino Fútbol Radar: Brazil Dominates as Neymar Returns to Action
Credit: @fifaworldcup

Brazilian soccer star Neymar returned to World Cup action after missing two games due to a recurring ankle injury. His presence was a great addition, which led to one of the most explosive openings in World Cup history. Brazil scored four goals within the first 40 minutes. 

Brazil defeated South Korea 4-1 in the first stage of the elimination games. From kickoff, Brazil pushed the pace. It was clear Neymar’s presence gave the team more energy, as Brazil seemed to have been playing at 100 mph throughout the whole game. The scores came in a flurry. At the seven-minute mark, Brazilian forward, Vinícius Júnior, snuck past the defense for an early goal. Six minutes later, Korea made an error, leading to a Penalty Kick opportunity for Brazil. 

Neymar was set to take the shot. He quickly did a shifty move that leg-locked the goalie in place – another flawless trick displayed by the maestro. Brazil went on to score two more goals in just the first half!

Next, Brazil will be facing the highly-skilled Croatian team —led by Luka Modric — in the quarterfinals. It should be noted that Croatia made the finals in 2018, so this is going to be one for the books. 

Brazil’s dedication shines through

European teams (Spain, Germany, France) have won the last three World Cups. Brazil is no stranger to excellent World Cup teams, but injuries and facing teams with just as much talent have made it hard for Brazil to put themselves in a position for a World Cup title run in the last few tournaments.

However, the power balance seems to be a mixture of the old-school World Cup days, as Brazil arguably has the best roster in 20 years – the same as Argentina. 

Argentina’s incentive to win is strong, considering Leonel Messi is set to retire

There are 4 other Latino teams that participated in the World Cup tournament this year (Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Uruguay). Nuestra presencia has been strong! Yet, only Brazil and Argentina qualified past the group stage and are now on the way to the quarterfinals taking place December 9th and 10th. 

How did your team fare in this year’s World Cup tournament? It has been quite a wild event thus far. 

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