Latina-owned Brand, Nopalera, Wins L’ATTITUDE Ventures Start-Up of the Year

Latina-owned Brand, Nopalera, Wins L’ATTITUDE Ventures Start-Up of the Year belatina latine

The winner of the 2022 L’ATTITUDE Startup of the Year went to Nopalera owned by Sandra Velasquez!

If you’re not yet familiar with L’ATTITUDE Ventures, they’re an institutional venture capital firm that invests exclusively in US Latine-led startups. This year, they hosted their much-anticipated Match-Up event during their 5th annual L’ATTITUDE conference in San Diego.

The Match-Up program comprises founder showcases, investor thought leadership, capital match-making, and a pitch competition for L’ATTITUDE Latino Startup of the Year. Hundreds of showcase submissions were reviewed, and ultimately 23 companies were invited to attend.

L’ATTITUDE Ventures selected Mooch, Cleverman, Mavity, and Nopalera to compete on the main stage for L’ATTITUDE Startup of the Year Award.

Nopalera took home the prize!

Nopalera proves there’s a need for Latine-owned products

Nopalera, a line of luxury Mexican botanicals for bath and body, was founded by San Diego native Sandra Velasquez. The company launched in November 2020 and has since soared beyond the expectations of any 20-month-old business. In just a short amount of time, Nopalera found its way into stores like Nordstrom, Credo Beauty, and Whole Foods – which goes to show you the need and want there is for these kinds of products

“Our investment in Nopalera is grounded in Sandra’s bottom-up product knowledge, data-driven discipline, and unwavering vision and drive to lead with cultural and personal authenticity. We are excited to bring the entire ecosystem of LAT VC to expand her growth, distribution, and success,” Kennie Blanco, L’ATTITUDE Ventures General Partner, and Chief Investment Officer.

Since last year’s Match-Up, L’ATTITUDE Ventures deployed another $16M in Latine change-makers. In 2021, U.S. startups and companies with Latine founders received only around 2 percent of all VC funding. 

L’ATTITUDE Ventures aims to use its first $100M institutional fund to trigger a long-needed change in the narrative around and flow of capital into U.S. Latines.

Latine entrepreneurs are behind profitable businesses

Did you know that 80 percent of all new businesses in the United States netting profit were founded by Latine entrepreneurs

There are many Latine-owned companies that are deserving of greater investment and a more opportunistic platform to raise their income. 

This won’t be the only time that L’ATTITUDE Ventures will campaign a highly equitable investment like what they have just done.

Expect this to be a continuous annual contest that CEO Sol Trujillo will have a hard time falling short on. 

Remember, Latine business owners are about the closest thing to a guaranteed profitable investment. 

When you think about investing – and weigh the good and the bad on the profit you could potentially net – how often is your possibility 80 percent to come out on top? If you like that number, be on the lookout for Latine businesses to invest in yourself!

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