Latina Star Salma Hayek Raises Over $3 Million for Women’s Rights at the Kering Foundation Dinner Gala 

Latina Star Salma Hayek Advocates for Women's Rights at the Kering Foundation Dinner Gala 
Credit: By Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0

Salma Hayek, the beloved Latina actress and philanthropist, recently lit up the red carpet at the star-studded Kering Foundation Gala. This elegant affair, hosted annually by the renowned luxury group Kering, is headed by her husband, François-Henri Pinault. Held in New York City yesterday evening, the event gathered A-list celebrities and fashion icons in support of a noble cause. 

Draped in a beautiful Gucci gown, Hayek stole the spotlight with her impeccable sense of style. How could she not? She has to represent her husband’s brand after all.  

But beyond the glamour and glitz of the evening, Hayek’s presence at the Kering Foundation Gala was significant for a more profound reason. The Kering Foundation Gala held its second annual Caring for Women dinner, which is dedicated to combating violence against women. 

The Kering Foundation Supports Women

Kering, the parent company of Gucci, Balenciaga, and other luxury brands, is known not only for its high-end fashion but also for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. The Kering Foundation, established in 2009, has made it a point to support women’s rights and combat violence against women. Over the years, it has made significant strides in this critical arena.  

The “Frida” actress, who is a board member of the Kering Foundation, has been an advocate for women’s rights and gender equality throughout her career. Still, her involvement in this charitable event adds depth and substance to her already impactful career in Hollywood. 

According to Vanity Fair, over three million dollars were raised last night. The proceeds will go to organizations, such as the Malala Fund, National Network to End Domestic Violence, and the Bew York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. All these organizations focus on gender-based violence. 

A Night Giving 

The Kering Foundation Gala is a dazzling soirée that combines the glamour of the fashion industry with the imperative to create positive change. Celebrities like Salma Hayek use their star power not only to make a fashion statement but also to lend their voices and resources to vital social causes. 

She was also joined by other Latinas during the event such as Lauren Sanchez and Ana Navarro. Navarro took to her social media to gush about the event and its cause.  

Though many people equate Hollywood with greed and selfishness, some people use their platform to promote greater good. And this is amazing. If only this was a common factor among A-listers. Let’s hope they advocate for Latina-led and Latina-owned businesses next – a space that is in dire need for more support.  

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