Latinas in the Publishing Industry Do Their Part in Homeschooling During Coronavirus

Home School BELatina

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in all areas of daily life. But it has also exposed the resilience and capacity of social networks to help us cope.

In response to dozens of parents who have recognized in networks the important and hard work of teachers in schools, some women in the publishing industry have taken the opportunity to do their part and coach them on how to handle such a difficult task.

According to Forbes, a group of Latina publishers has made available to parents “digital assets” that will help them “as they moonlight as teachers.”

Alexis Ruginis (Veoleo Press), Naibe Reynoso (Con Todo Press), and Susie Jaramillo (Encantos Media) have transformed the anguish of the drop in sales due to the epidemic into an opportunity to approach their consumers in a collaborative and entrepreneurial way.

“We want this project to be far-reaching so that it finds its way into the families that need it most,” said Ruginis. “The sheets will offer families a fun, cultural, non-pressure opportunity to engage with their little ones during these uncertain times, and we want to make sure they reach every Latinx household.”

Being one of the few publishing houses that offer bilingual and bicultural content for the new generations in the country, the three founders agreed that the challenge of this new century is to build “family brands” that represent and include all demographics.

“Deliberate or not, it is unquestionably detrimental to children as they develop their sense of identity, and analytical, critical, and cognitive perspectives,” added Ruginis. “As a bicultural Latinx indie press, we have a moral conviction to offer Latinx families books that reflect their heritage and the diverse community that falls under the Latinx umbrella. It is critical, particularly in our current political climate, to foster a positive sense of bicultural identity from a young age.”

Their initiative during quarantine is to help parents prepare lessons, make available coloring sheets and other tools that help in areas such as language, culture, and heritage.

Encantos has offered digital learning resources compiled in a free resource for parents called Encantos Learning Hub, which contains lesson plans, activities, videos and more.

“We’re adding resources daily and will continue to add more tools to help keep kids entertained and learning,” added Nuria Santamaria Wolfe, co-founder and CMO.

Con Todo Press also offers free digital copies of Be Bold, Be Brave: 11 Latinas who made U.S. History and Be Bold Chiquitos on Amazon, as well as free downloadables that can be used as coloring pages, and history lessons.

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