Start of Aries Season: Everything You Need to Know About the Fiery Ram

Happy Birthday, Aries! From March 21 to April 19, the Aries season will be in full swing and according to Astrology those under this zodiac sign will have unlimited energy and enthusiasm in 2020. 

Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac and it is ruled by the planet Mars. Astrologers recommend those under this fiery sign to always carry one of their five birthstones (Topaz, Aquamarine, Jasper, Heliotrope, Diamond) and decorate their homes with thistle & honeysuckle flowers. 

Having Sagittarius as its top love match, for Aries love is all about initial attraction. According to Aries “can sense chemistry in the first sentence uttered by a potential partner,” and “will do everything in their power to go after someone they want.” 

Arians or Ariens live under the motto: “When you know yourself, you’re empowered. When you accept yourself, you’re invincible.” That’s why those under this zodiac sign are known for being trailblazers and extremely passionate and independent. You better know that Aries will never go with the flow, follow the masses, or do something just because everyone else is doing it.

There’s a lot of information about Aries and we wanted to dig deeper into what exactly they can expect during their birthday season; so, using the Cosmic Tarot Deck Cards we chose three cards representing the self, the situation, and the challenges this sign will face in 2020.

SELF: Forego being interested in trivial things.

Card: The Hermit

Hermit BELatina Aries


“The Hermit in this position describes an individual who has a relationship with the spirit world instead of society. The Hermit prefers to specialize in what is esoteric. He studies the inner sciences — yoga, tantra, self-cultivation. The Hermit is involved with consciousness development that takes him beyond the limited human ego and puts him in touch with the vastness of cosmic creation. He or she may have very little time for ordinary human commerce and its various distractions. This card points to inner study. It’s about immersing yourself in the mysteries of natural law. The Hermit looks like an old man but in reality, he is an eternal child full of wonder, gazing into the mysteries of the inner life.”

SITUATION: Working steadily, in harmony with nature, a dedicated crew can provide abundance for many.

Card: Seven of Coins

seven of pentacles BELatina Aries


“When the Seven of Coins is in this position, you will find your best efforts come when you work as part of a group. A collective endeavor provides extra energy when there are too many things going on at one time. As the saying goes, many hands make the work go easy. Teammates help you stay focused on your goal through difficult times. It is a wonderful feeling watching the fruits of your labors ripening on the vine. Do not count on your harvest while it’s still in the seedling stage. Barring a catastrophe, however, you have the potential for a nice return on your investment of time and energy. When harvest time arrives, give everyone a pat on the back and toast your success before you launch into the next season of effort.”


Focus on the common good rather than personal reward.

Card: Queen of Coins

Queen of pentacle-tarot-cards BELatina Aries


“When the Queen of Coins is in this position, the challenge is to keep your eye on the greater good and to let go of attachment to personal rewards. The depth of sensuality the Queen is capable of experiencing supports her incredible good sense and feel for nature. She instinctively knows what kind of action or response is appropriate — as long as she pays attention to productivity and organization. This Queen works hard, she plays hard, and sometimes on the weekend, she spends all the money she made during the week. It helps to have an environment that gently nudges her back to her concern for productivity, so she doesn’t get lost in how much fun she is having and how fully she can feel all the nuances of earthly life. The challenge is to stay focused on the highest priorities.”


Rocio Regalado, a Dominican Spiritual Coach who uses her intuition and the tarot to predict different aspects of people’s lives, revealed to BELatina that right now the planets are “all over the place,” adding that those under this sign “are being affected by Mars” and Mars is the planet behind all the social revolutions happening in this very moment. Regalado’s advice is to work with our “collective conscience.” She categorized 2020 as the year of “expansion” and a lot of “changes.”


Although what’s happening in the world right now is not, by any means the ideal time to celebrate, we still highly recommend enjoying the season despite the adversities. 

Happy Birthday to Big Sean, Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, Joan Crawford, Leonardo da Vinci, Robert Downey Jr., Alan Arkin, Robert Frost, Lady Gaga, Harry Houdini, Thomas Jefferson, Keira Knightley, Vincent van Gogh, Emma Watson, Reese Witherspoon and our very own BELatina editor, Kat Mccue.

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