These Latine-owned Cafecito Brands Will Make Your ‘International Coffee Day’ More Sabroso

These Latine-owned Cafecito Brands Will Make Your ‘International Coffee Day’ More Sabroso belatina latine

As we approach the first day of October, which marks the largest cafecito celebration in the world: International Coffee Day, I am getting ready to honor it. And I want all of you to join me!

Although I am grateful for this beverage every day, this official celebration is the perfect excuse to commemorate my favorite pick-me-up in a unique way.

So, why not highlight some great Latine-owned coffee brands responsible for our happiness every morning? 

Here at BELatina, we want to celebrate and cherish cafecito delights with six Latine coffee brands you can add to your everyday routine. 

I can’t wait to try them all, (coffee) cheers! 

Little Waves Coffee Roasters

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Little Waves Coffee Roasters is conformed by a group of people who are passionate about this drink and dedicated to the coffee craft. You can get their products and follow them on Instagram as This small Latina co-owned business also owns three brick-and-mortar shops called Cocoa Cinnamon.

Peixoto Coffee

Coming all the way from Brazil, this família-owned coffee business has two shops in Arizona but you can get their coffee delivered directly to your house. Peixoto Coffee offers a variety of blends, single-origin coffees, family coffees, and even instant coffee. You can follow Peixoto’s family adventures on Instagram as @peixotocoffee.

Volcanica Coffee Company

This is also a Latine family-owned business that calls Costa Rica their homeland. According to their website, the tico family decided to start Volcanica Coffee Company to “focus on high-quality single origin coffees.” You can follow this business on Instagram as @volcanicacoffee and get their cafecito online. 

La Monarca Bakery & Cafe

Inspired by Mexican pastries, La Monarca Bakery & Cafe has grown so much that it now has 12 locations in Los Angeles, California. Owners Alfredo and Ricardo added café to their menu coffee from Oaxaca and even Café de Olla — a Mexican delight. You can find this brand on Instagram as @lamonarcabakery.

El Cielito Café

El Cielito Café is an online coffee company based in California that focuses on roasting Latino coffee. You can follow their adventures on Instagram as @elcielitocafe.

Cafe La Llave

Probably a bigger brand, but Cafe La Llave began when brothers José María and Ramón Gaviña started their coffee business in Cuba hundreds of years ago. The

 Latine brand shares coffee recipes and giveaways on their Instagram account @cafelallave. 

I’m still deciding which cafecito to order first! Maybe I’ll just buy them all. 

What coffee brand caught your attention?

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