5 Life Lessons We Learned from ‘Teresa’

5 Life Lessons We Learned from ‘Teresa’ belatina latinx

Entre ser y no ser, yo soy.” For those who don’t know who I’m referring to based solely on that phrase – do yourself a favor and watch the novela “Teresa” (2010).  It’s one of the main character’s – portrayed by the French-born Mexican actress Angelique Boyer – signature catchphrases. Although this version is a remake, it’s one that struck a chord in pop culture.

Case in point: even the global Puerto Rican icon Bad Bunny recently quoted the novela in his song “Un Coco,” that’s off his newest album Un Verano Sin Ti. He sings: “Te disfrazaste de Rubí y eras Teresa / Pero soy un pendejo y todavía me interesa.” While this is a clever way to describe the series’ protagonist’s manipulative nature, there are interesting lessons that she delivered throughout the dramatic soap opera.

From seeing the bigger picture to being open to love again, here are five life lessons we learned from watching “Teresa.” And for those who haven’t watched the series, beware! There are spoilers sprinkled throughout the article!

It doesn’t matter where you started, it’s where you’re going

One of the main themes of the soap opera is that Teresa is constantly trying to get out of her barrio. Now, I’m not saying that her occasional two-faced, vindictive attitude is the way to go, but her ambition to open doors for herself is admirable.

Money can’t buy you love

Teresa went through a lot of romantic hardships with her past lover, Mariano, and her new love interest, Arturo de la Barrera. During the 152 episodes, we see back and forth emotions from Teresa wanting to fully commit to one or the other. In the end, she realizes that maybe money isn’t everything she needs in life. What she yearned for was unconditional love.

Being vengeful isn’t a good quality

I mean, it’s pretty basic knowledge, right? Like the popular phrase says,  everything that goes around comes back around. Well, Teresa learns that the hard way throughout the novela. She loses close friendships while seeking revenge as a way to cope with her financial distress.

Patience is key

Avoiding romantic challenges depended on Teresa being patient. But many times she wasn’t. After all, her ongoing crush, Mariano, was to become a doctor. She was, however, so impatient to see the financial results that she decided to look for it in someone else. Ay, Teresa!

You can find love in more than one person

Alright, y’all. Listen! I don’t mean at the same time, or am I implying that you should cheat. (If you’re in a consensual, open relationship, then carry on.) What I mean is that Teresa was in love with her neighbor Mariano, but also found genuine love with Arturo later in life. Oséa, if you need a sign to move on and try to find love in another person: This is it. There’s no need to stay stuck on one person, especially if that person isn’t fit for your lifestyle.

Did Teresa ever teach you anything? Let us know! 

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