Maxwell Frost is the First Gen Z Member of Congress and He’s Latino – Here’s What You Should Know About Him

Maxwell Frost, The First Gen Z Member of Congress is Latino – Here's What You Should Know About Him belatina latine
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Midterm season is over as the results poured in yesterday. Some were disappointed, while others considered it a victorious night. Nevertheless, this is yet another example of the importance of exercising your right to vote. Your voice can’t possibly be heard if you don’t get to the polls. 

Throughout the night, people were inundated with the announcements of re-elections and new faces. One person stood out from the crowd, considering he made history yesterday. That person is Maxwell Alejandro Frost. 

The Florida native, 25, (who has self-identified as a musician in his social media bios as well) became the first Gen Z to enter Congress. He won Florida’s 10th Congressional District.

Let’s learn more about him!

Maxwell Frost is Afro-Cuban 

The newly-elected Latino member of Congress has his roots embedded in Cuba. According to his official site, his grandmother, Yeya, and mother, emigrated from Cuba in the early 1960s during the Freedom Flights. His grandmother was exploited to no end while working in Miami factories to make ends meet. 

He was adopted

Due to systemic limitations and his biological mother’s struggle with drugs, violence, and crime – all while pregnant – she decided to place Frost into adoption. She was a mother of seven and lacked the resources to provide an ideal environment for him. She never saw a doctor when she was pregnant with Frost because she did not have healthcare. 

Frost is a successful organizer 

Though he may be young – and the youngest member of Congress to be elected in modern history – he has accomplished quite a bit already. Frost, for instance, is a National Organizer with the ACLU. Through his role, he succeeded in getting Biden’s Administration to agree to abolish the Hyde Amendment, an act that has limited abortion access for millions of people.

His goal is to help underserved people and historically excluded people

Frost believes that changing the system starts by switching up the leadership many have grown so used to seeing. He wants more inclusivity at the table. 

Issues he’s focusing on

The Afro-Cuban member of Congress has maintained he will do whatever is best for everyone. However, he has placed emphasis on fighting to end gun violence, Medicare for All, working towards creating a better criminal system, and ending the climate crisis. 

Maxwell Frost is the first Gen Z to have an official seat in Congress, but he won’t be the last. Gen Zs are known to be the most progressive generation in modern history.

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