Afro-Latina Entrepreneur Founded Tiaplanta to Benefit Plant Lovers Everywhere

Afro-Latina Entrepreneur Founded Tiaplanta to Benefit Plant Lovers Everywhere belatina latine
Credit: Instagram/ @tiaplanta

For years, plants have been considered more than just beautiful decorations that bring life and light to a person’s home. Taking care of them also proves to be beneficial and therapeutic for many.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, owning a plant, or various plants, became one of the favorite hobbies for a lot of people — who didn’t get a succulent or discovered that one friend had become a plant mom or dad during the quarantine period? 

Fast forward to now, plant styling and plant consultations are now a thing, and Afro-Latina Shayla Cabrera is here to help you step up your plant game or to even embark on this green and nature-related journey.

The journey of Tiaplanta

Cabrera has 15 years of experience as a professional nanny, which she combined with her love for greenery and led to a portfolio of plant-loving clients that now belong to a professional project she decided to call Tiaplanta.

In a recent interview with NowThis, the plant aunt said that Tiaplanta is a plant shop that is rooted in community, diversity, and education. It also provides workshops, co-working space, and corporate maintenance.

The Plant Nanny, as her friends and family call her, resides in Jersey City, NJ, and offers a variety of both virtual and in-person services related to the well-being of your plants.

According to NowThis, Cabrera started Tiaplanta in June 2020 out of a small kiosk that was once occupied by the Jersey City Police Department.

This plant consultation focuses on care indications for specific plants. Plant styling is a service that will help the client place plants properly in different spaces, such as an office, shop, or house. The plant parenting workshops are also related to plant care, but it’s aimed at basic knowledge. 

Other things that you can find on Cabrera’s menu are plant repotting and plant maintenance. Are you going on vacation and are worried because you don’t know where to leave your plants? Don’t worry, this tía has you covered with her plant-sitting option.

Cabrera’s passion has allowed her to create and prosper in her own business, a small business that now inspires and educates people who want to start or stay in the therapeutic, colorful, and interesting world of plants.

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