Meet Bianca de la Garza: the Dynamic Diva Who Literally Does it All

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Bianca de la Garza, a fierce Latina mompreneur, Emmy nominee journalist, former late-night host, producer, a beauty mogul, and boss lady or a.k.a “Jefa Latina” is making her imprint in the heart of the entertainment industry. She wears several different hats but that doesn’t stop her from following her passion. Last week, BELatina got the chance to catch up with Bianca behind-the-scenes on her live-studio show to discuss some important topics about being a working Latina mother in the industry, inclusivity, and tips on self-confidence and skincare.

Being a hard-working Latina mother, Bianca manages to maintain her “go-getter” mentality by taking it one-day-at-a-time, being a role model to her 13-year-old daughter, and finds ways to unite with people to be more loving and compassionate to spread and reciprocate that same etiquette. As a mompreneur, she advises you to challenge yourself and do your best. 

“I put myself in a standard where I have to be the best version of me. If I can tell other women, it’s ok NOT to be perfect all the time, take a deep breath, and do the best you can,” said the beauty executive. Bianca also emphasizes that it is a lesson to take in and it took her several years to discover that it’s not always about perfection.  

BELatina got personal with Bianca as she took us on a deep-dive into her family heritage and the importance of inclusivity in her brand. Bianca mentioned her dad is from Monterrey, Mexico and due to her parents splitting at a very young age, she did not grow up in a Spanish speaking household. She also talks about the consequences of the lack of exposure to Spanish but says she speaks it now and understands it but not as well as someone who knows how to speak it natively. Ultimately, when it comes down to the media’s image of what it means to be “Latina,” she embraces individuality. 

“In fact, us not looking the same is what makes this world rich. It’s what makes this world beautiful. It’s what makes this cultural exchange we have going on, now that we can because of technology, possible. So I love the fact that people who use my line are all different ethnicities and I can really have an exchange with people from all around the world and understand what beauty is to them. The more we can embrace difference, the happier you’re going to be,” elaborates Bianca. 

When it comes down to tips on self-confidence, Bianca wants to make sure that you question yourself about where you are going, who you’re surrounding yourself with, and what you’re reading and watching because at the end of the day  ‘You have the opportunity to create your world.’

“You can’t control what someone says about you. You can’t control the viewers calls or if your boss calls and yells at you. What you control is how you can respond. I think the more you control your environment, put yourself in situations where you’re being supported, where you’re being loved, where you’re in a more compassionate environment, it’s going to foster better feelings in you,” highlights Bianca. 

Bianca expands on how the mind is powerful and to be cautious of your own thoughts because it can be manipulative and tell you things that are irrational and untrue. She also says to remind yourself throughout the day to be grateful for what you already have because there are people out there that would wish to be in your place at this very moment. At the end of the day, not only will you feel better about yourself but appreciate the beautiful blessings you have. 

Lastly, Bianca discusses some skincare tips with BELatina and she emphasizes getting good sleep, drinking plenty of water, a good sunscreen, and making sure you’re up-to-date with all your dental and health care appointments. For her, these are the most cost-effective and no brainer because no matter what, they work! She recommends including her BDGBeauty skincare products as well because she includes it in her daily routine and it gives her a natural glow. 

“My skincare line is something I use every day and it’s a treatment serum. It really does help reduce some of the sunspots from when I wasn’t too good with my skin. It helps my skin look firmer, it hydrates my skin, and it really brings me a natural glow. I like that it makes me feel confident, that I’m just me, and when people see me they do not just see all that makeup, they just see who I am,” commented Bianca. 

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