Meet Chef James, the Co-Host of BELatina TV

After enduring a tough year and a half, it seems as though the world is finally starting to see some semblance of normalcy. It’s definitely our turn to enjoy our own version of the roaring twenties, right? 

This new era also has many people thirsting for quality entertainment. Luckily, BELatina TV is on its way to bring so many homes around the nation comfort, lessons, and un poco de luz, overall. 

BELatina TV will be composed of lifestyle content riddled with various topics pertinent to the Latino community. 

The vibrancy that the show requires will be matched by Chef James Tahhan, who has been named the co-host. 

The spice that immigration brings to life

Chef James is Syrian-Venezuelan; his parents emigrated from Syria to Venezuela, where he was born. A few years later, when he was 13, he and his family moved to the United States.

Since then, he’s appreciated the value of his immigrant experience. 

“It’s good, all this mixture of cultures because you end up picking the best bits of each,” Chef James told BELatina News.

Some of you may already be familiar with Chef James as he is one not to shy away from activity online. 

Through his social media, you’ll notice that he has an eclectic mix of interests. 

You’ll see that he can teach us how to cook.

But he’ll also joke around with this audience.

At the young age of 32, the co-host has had the opportunity to stack plenty of other successes to his name as well. 

He is the director of “Chef James Enterprises,” a three-time Emmy award winner, a best-selling author, and the founder of both Foodiescuela and Honest Farm. He even has his own coffee brand.

Having so much knowledge in the food industry has allowed him to further admire the customs of other countries.

Bringing the richness of multiculturalism to the table

During our conversation, he spoke about a special moment with one of his coffee producers from Ethiopia. He spoke about how he cooked for them and ate the food the way Ethiopians do, with their hands. 

“It was the most magical thing. We were sort of creating a synergy of cultures right there,” he said.

“That created a moment to remember for both them and us, where we would always remember the day that Ethiopian friends came to our house, we ate good food the way they would at their home, and finished with amazing Ethiopian coffee — the merging of cultures is beautiful.”

As much as he enjoys anything food-related, he also nurtures other passions of his. For instance, he is also a martial artist. 

He owns two martial arts studios in South Florida, alongside his family. 

“My wife is also a martial artist, my father-in-law is a martial artist, and my brother is a martial artist. So it’s a family thing.”

The discipline that comes with martial arts has allowed him to develop himself professionally and personally.

Chef James understands that his Latinidad can expand beyond his own Latino experience, too. 

He recalled the time when he lived in Argentina for three years and how it has shaped him. 

“When I went to work in Argentina for three years, I picked a lot of their customs,” he told us.  

“For example, they [Aregentinians] drink mate, and now I drink mate every single day. If you go to my house, I now have an Argentinian country-style, massive grill in the backyard. You know, there’s a lot of these things that influenced me. I even picked up some of their words and added them to my own vocabulary.”

The importance of telling the stories of our community

Chef James knows that the entirety of the Latino community has to offer and believes that our power lies in our stories and our involvement in elevating ourselves. 

“Let’s listen to all the stories because we have amazing stories to tell,” he said. 

“I think that would lead us closer to the world of inclusion that we’re all fighting for. But if we want something, we are the first ones that need to work towards it; we can’t expect the world to change if we don’t start by changing ourselves.”

He not only wants these stories to be elevated, he knows it’s vital for the future of the community, his family (including his two adorable dogs), and especially to create a better world for his son, Jamie. 

BELatina TV will definitely uplift the Latino community, exemplify the fact that we are not a monolith, and explore more about the various topics important to all of us.

“I’m super excited about this show. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be great. Everybody in the crew is having fun in the actual process, which, I think, is the key element to this.

“We will learn together, talk to people, and much more.”

There will be so much to cover, so stay tuned for the launch date!

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