BELatina Announces Its Upcoming TV Show and You Won’t Want To Miss It

BELatina TV Latina Latinx

BELatina News has worked towards celebrating the many facets of the Latinx community since its inception in 2019. The core of our mission has always been to represent Latinx and Latinas with authenticity, making sure we connected with our audience members, one by one. 

We did our due diligence when it came to tailoring pieces that were unique and thought-provoking. At BELatina News, we prioritized the lessons from our ancestors, our experiences, and most importantly, from all of you, in order to speak on what matters. 

Now, our journey has taken us to television production with the creation of BELatina TV, which will be hosted by Dr. Karent Sierra and Chef James Tahhan. 

“I am looking forward to watching a program that shares inspiring stories for my girls [daughters] to let them see Latinas go beyond their backyards where they achieve successes, learn about the dynamic cultures Latinas represent, and how that makes life an adventure,” said Iris Rodriguez, an associate producer for BELatina TV.

BELatina TV will be a half-hour television series that celebrates the individuality and diversity of the Latinx and Latinas. Each episode will explore topics important and pertinent to the community. We will cover everything — from finance to food to fashion. Rest assured, there will be an episode dedicated to every topic that our community wants and needs to see and discuss. 

It brings us great honor to have the opportunity to augment the visibility of our mission. Our community is often portrayed in a manner that does not speak to the majority, which is why this production is so important. Not just for us, but for everyone who knows how much representation matters.

“It’s refreshing to know that nuestra comunidad will finally be getting authentic representation beyond the narrative that’s been commercial for too long,” said Guisell Gómez, the Senior Deputy Editor of BELatina News at Brandstar

Through BELatina TV,  we will educate, empower, and entertain our audience by telling relevant stories that take on all life’s challenges and everyday unexpected dilemmas. 

Join us as we get ready to lead with excitement and produce a show that will impact the lives of Latinx everywhere.

Stay tuned for the premiere date of BELatina TV!

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