Meet Dr. Karent Sierra, a Strong-Willed Latina With an Inspiring Story

Growing up, I remember that many of my conversations with my family centered around the people we watched. From Don Franciso of Sabado Gigante to Dr. Ana Maria Polo of Caso Cerrado, these people almost became an extension of us. 

So, with BELatina TV nearing its launch, that can only mean that the Latino community is about to get a new set of household names that will buzz around their homes. 

One of these names will be Dr. Karent Sierra.

Born in New York, raised in Miami, Florida, but with Colombian blood running through her veins, Dr. Sierra is the host of BELatina TV.

Though she is proud of being American, she presents herself as Colombian in every situation possible; that’s how much pride about her roots live within her.

“When people ask me where I’m from, I usually say I’m Colombian, and they’re like, ‘aren’t you from New York?’” 

“And I tell them, ‘yes, but I’m Colombian; true to the heart and true to the culture and this wonderful background of mine.’”

An unwavering willingness to help and give back

The unwavering passion she feels towards her culture is also translated into the other facets of her life.

Dr. Sierra practices and operates the Karent Sierra Dentistry and Medspa in Miami. She received her degree from Marquette University. 

Though she is often referred to as the “celebrity dentist,” the love of her craft makes her so exceptional. 

In 2009, she opened up a non-profit foundation, Sharing Smiles Foundation, to provide dental care for underserved communities worldwide. 

“I’ve been to Kenya twice where I worked in Nairobi,” she said. “Then, to India in 2014, and went back three years later. I have also been to Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Colombia. When I went to Colombia, I went to Cucuta, which is on the border with Venezuela, to be able to treat Venezuelans, too.”

She’s delved into other ventures as well.

Following the heart’s path 

Aside from being a Latina businesswoman, her interest has always been piqued by the entertainment industry. 

“Before I went to dental school, I used to compete in a lot of beauty pageants. I did modeling, not so much runway because I’m not that tall, but I would do many TV commercials and TV shows. I was even an actress for a while.”

Dr. Sierra has made small appearances in telenovelas, such as “Mariaelena” and worked alongside Mexican actress Lucía Méndez and Mexican actor Eduardo Yáñez. 

She also participated in the first season of the Real Housewives of Miami. 

It might seem like she went into all these fields all at once, but she didn’t. She took it slow or, as she said, “the safe route” because she wanted to make sure she was secure enough in the future. 

“I think everyone has to live their path, and it’s what is right for them,” she added. 

“And I think choosing the route I did open my eyes to how important education is and how important it is to be an independent woman.”

Yet, she knows everyone’s route is valid. 

“I think one of the important things in life is wanting to succeed and become a successful person in whatever avenue that makes you happy.” 

“But always remember to give back and pay it forward.”

A new opportunity

Talking about doing things that make you happy, she gushed about being on-screen again. 

“I now do it for the love of TV, for the love of acting, and for the love of being in front of the camera. I did it for the love of it.”

“I think when you do things for love, it comes out even better because it feels more natural.”

Her being on BELatina TV will allow the audience to learn and grow daily. As she mentioned, the show will feature topics around fashion, fitness, fun, food, and more. 

“There are so many topics that every viewer, whether they’re Hispanic, Latino, or not, can watch and learn from the show.”

“That’s what makes me so excited. It’s going to be an educational show, but fun and entertaining at the same time.”

As time progresses, the United States is learning the power of Latinos and how much we contribute to the nation. Dr. Karent wants to continue elevating the Latino community and what it has grown to be. 

“We’re here to stay. We’re going to succeed. We’re here to be an example to many other people.”

“We’re proud to be able to teach you something. Even if you’re not Latina or Latino, I know that you can learn from us.”

This conversation with Dr. Karent Sierra only confirms how much there will be to cover on BELatina TV. 

So, follow her suggestion to stay tuned and make sure you are aware when the show begins!

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