Mexicans Love Their Mamás: Mexico Is Expected to Have Billions of Pesos Injected in Its Economy This Mother’s Day 

Mexicans Love Their Mamás: Mexico Is Expected to Have Billions of Pesos Injected in Its Economy This Mother’s Day 

Mexico gears up to celebrate Día de las Madres (Mother’s Day) this Friday, with expectations soaring high for a lucrative boost in revenue. Octavio de la Torre, president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services, and Tourism, forecasts a staggering 80 billion pesos injection into the economy, marking a significant 13 percent increase from last year’s figures. 

In Mexico City, Mayor Martí Batres is bracing for a windfall, with an anticipated revenue of 3.5 billion pesos for Mother’s Day festivities. This represents a remarkable 25 percent surge from last year, equivalent to a whopping 728 million pesos increase, as Batres revealed during a recent press conference. 

De la Torre lauds the tireless efforts of mothers, acknowledging their indispensable role not only in shaping families but also in driving economic growth. 

However, the celebration of Mother’s Day in Mexico isn’t just about showering moms with love and affection. It’s also a significant economic event. A survey conducted by the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) revealed that about 76 percent of respondents plan to partake in festivities on May 10. From hosting gatherings with loved ones to dining out at restaurants, the spending spree is expected to include purchases of flowers, clothing, and shoes, with estimated expenditures ranging from 751 to 1,000 pesos (USD $44 to $59). 

The evolving role of women in Mexican society is undeniable. Recent data from the National Occupation and Employment Survey (ENOE), conducted by INEGI in 2023, indicates that over 70 percent of women in the workforce are mothers. This trend underscores a shift from traditional household roles to active participation in economic activities, as De la Torre emphasized. 

Mothers Deserve a Soft Life Too

According to Conecta, Dr. Luz María Velázquez, a professor at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, cautions against idealizing the image of working mothers as superhuman. Despite their strength, many working mothers grapple with the challenge of balancing career demands with the responsibilities of motherhood. Velázquez stresses the importance of acknowledging these struggles and advocating for policies that support working mothers in achieving a healthy work-life balance. 

While Mexico gears up to celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s important to understand the depth of this day. Overall, it is not only about honoring mothers, but also about recognizing their invaluable contributions to both the family unit and the economy.  

They are queens, so treat them as such.  

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