Celebrate This Mother’s Day With Gifts From These Latino-owned Brands

Celebrate This Mother’s Day With Gifts From These Latino-owned Brands BELatina Latinx
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For us Latinos, every day is Mother’s Day. However, in our culture, celebrating this day is fundamental. We love to pamper the pillar of the family in style.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up five Latino-owned stores that dedicate their craftsmanship to connecting with their communities. There’s no better way to celebrate our moms than supporting la comunidad!

Candles, coffee, plants, and jewelry make the perfect gift, and these stores are ideal for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Pink Cove Treasures

Pink Cove Treasures is an immigrant women-led business that makes jewelry. The owner Pamela, tells us: “our Artesany brand is my Mami’s dream in the making—designing and creating higher-end artisanal jewelry with fine metals and gemstones. After 20 years in this country, she’s finally able to tap into herself and her creativity and share that with others. It’s an honor to be able to support her growth.” Pink Cove Treasure currently has a 20% sale through May 9 for their Mother’s Day celebration.

Café Santo

Café Santo is a contemporary Oaxacan cafe based in Los Angeles, CA. However, if you’re not nearby, you can still order the coffee online. Their mission statement states that their founders, Pilar and Marlon, “believe that coffee and its ability to gather people of all backgrounds across the world is a sacred and spiritual practice that connects people in truly magical ways.” Their founders tell us: “Café or a chocolatito is the best way to wake up and surprise your mom on Mothers Day!” We can’t deny that!

Latinx With Plants

While Latinx With Plants is a nursing and gardening store located in Los Angeles, CA, that highlights plants for our plant-loving mothers, there’s still merchandise that makes great gifts that celebrate our cultura if you aren’t nearby. Their mission statement reads: “We dream that one day everyone will be able to own plants to deepen their connection and understanding of the Earth and nature. We hope that the same care with which plant parents treat their plant children, they’ll be able to apply to themselves. May they (re)connect with themselves in new ways, stop and reflect on what they need, prune away at the things holding them back, and GROW.”

Bonita Fierce Candles

Bonita Fierce Candles is an ode to mothers and abuelas. The founder, Melissa Gallardo, tells us: “My mom is my superfan and hero. Not only did she let me turn her dining room into my makeshift candle studio, but she encourages me every single day to follow my dreams. When I wanted to go away for college, travel the world, or even quit my job to make candles for a living, she’d take the leap with me. All her sacrifices in immigrating and assimilating to the United States have brought me to where I am today. I strive for my brand to reflect celebrating and honoring heritage while embracing modern American values in our homes.” Bonita Fierce Candles will be having a discount sale of 15% off through May 5.

Luna Stones Jewelry

Luna Stones Jewelry is all about creativity and elevating her craft through rings, necklaces, and earrings, to name a few products. The founder, Cynthia Hernandez, tells us: “We’re a women-owned brand designed, created, and influenced by Latino culture. My mom has been my biggest supporter since day one. I aspire to make her proud and become a renowned jeweler one day.” 

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