National Hispanic Media Coalition Announces its 2022 Series Scriptwriters Program’s Cohorts

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Image courtesy of National Hispanic Media Coalition.

While we’ve been discussing the importance of Latino representation in Hollywood for years, new technologies and platforms pose a new challenge — especially with streaming series.

And since there is no better solution to the lack of representation than putting the right person behind the narrative, the National Hispanic Media Coalition launched nearly twenty years ago a program for screenwriters who can change just that.

It’s the Series Scriptwriters Program, which has helped launch the careers of more than 200 writers.

Each year, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) selects ten Latinos from across the country for an intense 7-week screenwriting lab. At the end of the program, these writers will have a half-hour or one-hour original series pilot, which they will pitch to industry leaders, starting with our partners at ABC and NBC. 

During the 7-week program, screenwriters will work with a professional mentor, meet and talk with professional screenwriters in the industry and build a community of Latino screenwriters. The program is officially conducted virtually.

Graduates of the program have worked on shows that can be seen on Netflix, CW, NBCUniversal, HBOMax, Hulu, ViacomCBS, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more.

Now, this year, NHMC already has its picks.

As announced by Deadline, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) has selected ten Latino screenwriters from across the country for its intensive seven-week lab.

Among those selected for the 2022 cohort are

  • Andrew Ruiz – Screenwriter, Filmmaker, and Educator – Los Angeles, CA.
  • Angela Treviño – Television Writer – Los Angeles, CA
  • Dominic Abeyta – Screenwriter – Los Angeles, CA
  • Edwin Alexis Gómez – Queer Nicaraguan-American Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor – Los Angeles, CA
  • Elisha Miranda-Ramirez – Puerto Rican Gen X Writer, Director, Producer, and Professor- Orange County, CA
  • Marcos Antonio Rodriguez – Award-Winning Playwright – New York, NY
  • Melanie Martinez – Film & Television Writer – New York, NY
  • Miguel Ramirez – Salvadoran-American Filmmaker – Los Angeles, CA
  • Natalie Torres – Nonbinary Latine Writer – San Antonio, Texas
  • Sofia Quintero – Gen-X Afro-Latina Screenwriter and Novelist – New York, NY

“There are so many brilliant ideas trapped in the minds of talented Latinx writers who haven’t gotten their chance. I’m proud to support these creatives in their journey, building bridges to writers’ rooms and boardrooms for Latinx talent across the industry,” Academy Award-winning producer Yvett Merino (Encanto), who kicked off a virtual event on Tuesday night honoring the cohort, shared. “These writers are the next generation — not only telling stories for our community to relate to and enjoy, but to also elevate and uplift Latinx communities nationwide.”

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