New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus: Get Rooted and Build Wisely

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

The New Moon and Solar eclipse in earthy, sensual Taurus arrive at 4:28 PM EST this April 30th, bringing with it flash revelations and promises of change. 

Since the eclipse is in an earth sign, it will also bring an opportunity to truly root into and build new awareness, project, or reality! Similarly, we must take the building part en serio. Taurus can help us focus this powerful energy on that long-term dream or purpose we’ve been nurturing!

If you’ve been hearing ominous information about the upcoming eclipse, remember that most of us are wary of change, and that’s what the eclipses are all about! We collectively and personally want change, yet we want to define the change we want, and life isn’t always that way. Get ready to get shaken and stirred; we promise you will be ok! 

Eclipse season happens when the New Moons and Full Moons occur in the same zodiac signs as the North and South Nodes. A Lunar eclipse is when it happens with a full moon, and a Solar eclipse happens along with a new moon. In 2022, all four eclipses (two in Spring and two in the Fall) will be in the grounded earth sign of Taurus and the transformative water sign of Scorpio, who are opposites in the zodiac. 

This year’s eclipse themes are all about managing our fears and emotions, leading to a deeper emotional intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence is all about understanding, managing, and even controlling your own emotions with prudence, knowing how to cope with stress in a healthy way, and managing our interpersonal relationships with respect, honest communication, and empathy. 

While some Taurus folks are all about practicality and comfort, there’s also the nature bruja connected to the elements and in touch with their body wisdom. Remember, you can be both practical and magical! 

Nevertheless, this Taurean theme invites us to create more stability, build from our values, and explore more earthly pleasures while honoring our body’s wisdom!

The Power of the New Moon

The New Moon is a potent time for new beginnings and planting seeds of intention. Tapping into the energy of the new moon to integrate and manifest anew is paramount. If something is still missing or left wanting in your life, this New Moon eclipse may draw that nearer and fill the space in the upcoming months! 

It’s better to call in our manifestations consciously because we’ve learned in school that nature abhors a vacuum, so llénalo con ganas! Take a moment on or before the 30th to breathe, connect with your long-term desires, and make sure to assess where you are now. Planting seeds for a dream you had ten years ago or even before the pandemic may just not be on point anymore. 

Taurus, symbolized by the bull and the mythical creature Pegasus, is ruled by Venus (planet of love) and is noted for its calm, earthy, and embodied approach. This New Moon Taurus eclipse asks what you want to plant now; the person you are today. This can be an eye-opening and soul-inspiring exercise, so whip out your favorite pen and journal, breathe deeply, and state:

“It is now safe for me to accept and love myself as I am. I have changed, and life has changed. What does my current self-love, want, and desire? What is truly aligned for who I am now and who I am becoming?”

Imagine yourself like a powerful oak tree with roots that grow deep into Mother Earth/Pachamama, and allow yourself to breathe in this strength, resilience, and creative energy. What is your tree growing? More health, more love, the big career move or creation? Allow yourself to explore. 

This exercise will give you a tremendous Taurus-powered foundation for growing wisely, and here is my sign-by-sign inspiration! Remember to read the Sun Sign and the Rising sign as well! 


An intrepid soul, you like to know what battle you’re fighting before jumping into the fray, so this eclipse season may make you uncomfortable, but remember you can still choose! Let this thought empower you and make choices based on your values. This will bring in even more alignment and the changes you truly desire!


You love to be the sturdy shoulder for everyone’s tears. Take off that soaked top and run outside and play! You don’t need to drop all responsibilities, but you need to place yourself as the top priority. Changes are coming, and who is creating for you if you try to be everything to everyone? Dale ponte las pilas pa’ ti! The spotlight is on you, and it’s truly your moment to build your wildest, most pleasurable dream! 


Ohhhhh, Gemini, you psychic! One twin sees the past and another the future. Be still and know at this time. I know you’re intuitive, but you click with unseen information this month. Since your senses will be heightened, make sure not to act without thinking. Receive the unseen information, pause, and breathe before making emotion-based decisions. Retreat and review will be your mantra this New Moon! 


Trusting in the love and care you give will support you in reaping bountiful rewards! This eclipse brings soulful goodies and energies that help you in moving forward! Yes, boundaries are still needed because you often struggle with them but light your vela and ask for support. Angels are awaiting your prayers at this time! 


Putting off long-term dreams due to domestic stress will begin to alleviate as you allow Spirit to guide you! Even though there are challenges ahead, your heart is true, which is creating your purpose and vision for you now! Take a moment to draw, sing, dance, or write out where you want to be a year from now! Y prepárate! 


You’ve just started or are about to begin a new adventure! You may feel overwhelmed at times, so relying on friends and loved ones is essential. Lean into mindfulness practices to manage this growth period. The influx of ideas, conversations, and opportunities will be just what you desire, so know that you are worthy and enough for what is showing up for you now!


Your charm and beautiful way of connecting with folks belies that you’ve been feeling a bit lonely lately. Not necessarily love partner lonely, more like craving more time to create and dance with the inner muse that wants to inspire you to new artistic heights! For those single Libras, the more you explore your creative self, the more magnetic you become to opportunities for the love you desire! Make time for your dream projects. They may surprise you!


Mystical and mysterious Scorpio, you’ve been through too much even to get here, so allow yourself to be seen, witnessed, and loved. Whether it’s releasing what no longer serves so, you can be available for the love you do want, doing a clearing from an old love that haunts you, or finally opening yourself to receive all the love already in your life. Es tu hora de sentir el amor from many sources, including a deeper connection and appreciation for your own magical self!


You want to juggle it all because you know you can, but the eclipse says just because you can doesn’t mean you should! Be more selective with your yes and leave the FOMO behind. The more you refine your calendar and energy investment, the more you actually do what you love! Manos a la obra! You got travel plans to book and lots to create! 


Put away the responsibilities for a night or two or three. This New Moon wants to bring you more fun and good times! There’s a promise of rekindling your current relationship or perhaps the lighting up of a new one. Pull out your party dress — better yet, get a new, updated one for the person you are now! Abre las puertas to love, romance, flirtation, and just plain falling in love with the magic of the possibilities in your life right now! 


Visionary Aquarius, you’re usually out and about discussing ideas, and this eclipse asks you to spend more time en tu casa! It’s ok to say no to plans and turn your focus on cleaning out and redesigning your environment. Home is not only where the heart is. It’s also where the revolution begins! So start your changes en la casa! 


A time of deep self-expression where you will no longer want to hold your tongue, it’s important to speak up for what feels right to you now. Don’t overthink or over spew your guts out. Breathe and speak as much as you can without blame or shame. Invest some dreaming into what you desire now!

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