Mother’s Day Gifts for All Types of Moms

Photo courtesy of BELatina
Photo courtesy of BELatina

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all types of moms. It is a day to shine a light on single moms, immigrants, executives, farmworkers, and more. And celebrating motherly love is one of the most enduring Latino traditions.

We know that some people have a busy day full of things to do — after all, our community doesn’t take a day off! That’s why our friends at MyPhoto know how to include all kinds of moms in the Mother’s Day celebration. After all, all moms are super-SHEroes and deserve to feel special on their day.

So, if you’re looking for the best gift for all the different types of moms in your life, MyPhoto has you covered with fantastic gift selections.

MyPhoto is a photo memory company that helps encapsulate the emotions within a picture and allows it to live forever. Through MyPhoto, you can have any image you’ve taken with your phone delivered to your home within five days; ordering only takes five minutes! It’s time we allow our favorite photos to shine outside our phone’s photo gallery! 

This Mother’s Day, choose from our favorite items at MyPhoto.

Atrium Acrylic Blocks

This self-standing acrylic block displays your favorite memory to give it a gallery-like feeling. This gift is perfect for the professional mama as this will give her another reason to smile during her day. Send out a picture of her and her kids, and she will be happier than you’ll know. The acrylic block quite literally shines a light on what’s dear to her. 


If you know a mom who loves decorating at home but is often changing the layout of her decorative style, then AirGlass™ is the way to go. 

AirGlass™ is stickable, re-stickable, and, best of all, it leaves no mark! The special backer also allows your photo to appear as if the glass is actually floating on the wall. 

Don’t just post it; print it! Creating photo wall art has never been easier!

This is perfect for moms who always take pictures of their kids and only post them on their social media. If anything, this brings her social media feed to  “life.”

Moderna Metal

BELatina Photo courtesy of MyPhoto
Photo courtesy of MyPhoto

MyPhoto’s Moderna Metal is the ideal gift for all mothers. For her office, her desk at home, or her favorite wall, Moderna Metal amplifies the sharpness and brightness of her favorite photo with undeniable style. 

The image takes on a modern, urban feel when printed in high definition on high-quality aluminum with a glossy finish. Give mom the perfect gift this year with Moderna Metal from MyPhoto!

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