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Olga Maria Travel Belatina

Olga Maria is the Glamorous Globe Trotter You Need to Know

Hans Christian Andersen, the famous author and playwright, once said, “To travel is to live.” It’s a quote that has inspired generations to get...
Belatina Thinness Healthy

The Universal Power of Not Praising Thinness and Weight Loss

Being a woman trying to live up to today’s unrealistic beauty standards is exhausting. It’s a never-ending struggle to look and be our best...
Afro Latina Haircare Belatina

Why Segregation Still Exists in the Haircare Aisle

In the United States, the hair care industry generates billions — yes, that’s a B — of dollars. Mintel, a global provider of Market...
Toxic Workplace Bad Boss Belatina

Is Having a Bad Boss Bad for Your Health?

According to Brigette Hyacinth, bestselling author of Purpose Driven Leadership: Building and Fostering Effective Teams, and an International Keynote Speaker on Leadership, Management, HR,...
Chicana Literature

Summer School: Your Official Chicana Literature Syllabus is Here

Summer is almost here, which means a change of seasons, a change of schedule (if you’re lucky) and a whole lot more time to...

Atlanta Is Now Home to One of the Biggest Food Forests in the Country

The city of Atlanta recently announced that it would be designating over seven acres of land in the city as an urban food forest,...
School Graduation Letter BeLatina

A Love Letter to My 18-Year Old Self on the Brink of Graduating High...

I wish somebody would have told me babe That someday, these will be the good old days All the love you won't forget And all these reckless...

15 Latinas Who I Would LOVE to Call Madame President

As we get closer and closer to the 2020 Presidential Elections — only about a year and a half to go, but who’s counting?...
somos calentura

Get Ready to Bring the Heat with Somos Calentura: A New Film About Afro-Colombian...

Who doesn’t love a good dance movie? From Step Up to Center Stage to Saturday Night Fever and You Got Served, all of our...

The Super Fine Line Between Body Positivity and Risking One’s Health

We are all about any movement or effort that encourages women to love their bodies. After all, self-love and self-acceptance — and yes, that...

10 Badass Female Heroines That Save Lives Every Day

If we’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s that there’s no shortage to the amount of gutsy women doing remarkable things. Whether they are...

A Look Inside Latinx Fraternities and Sororities

When you’re in college, finding your place in the world can feel especially daunting. But a sense of community and group of people that...