‘Latina to Latina’ is the Podcast You Need in Your Life

Alicia Menendez latina to latina podcast
Photo by Emily Assiran

The names Gina Torres, Maria Atencio, Fernanda Espinoza Garcés, Nina Vaca, Katia Beauchamp, and Gina Rodriguez all have a few things in common. These women are known for having tremendous success in their careers. The ladies have battled a number of challenges throughout their own journey as women and Latinas. Lastly, each of them has been the subject of a Latina to Latina podcast episode with Alicia Menendez.

The Co-Executive Producer of the Latina to Latina platform, Alicia Menendez wears various hats. She was part of the Fusion channel where she came up as anchor and correspondent. Today, Alicia is a host of PBS’s Amanpour & Co, contributing editor at Bustle and host of the empowering podcast geared towards women. 

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Alicia’s podcast personality can be described as personable, smart, friendly, poised, witty and inquisitive. The host has a knack for asking the right questions in a voice that is not only soothing but relaxed. The interviews feel natural and unrehearsed giving listeners the impression of a chat between two friends taking place. The duration of the episodes is just short enough to treat us to some droplets of knowledge while on a commute ride.

Our schedules are filled with all types of business and personal meetings or appointments. Time is a luxury we do not have enough of in our lives. Over the course of a week, I’ve had an opportunity to listen to a few of the podcasts. Each conversation has felt genuine, offering something valuable for me to use in my own entrepreneurial voyage. The external struggles faced by these empowered women are all different, however, the relentless determination needed to self-motivate is instilled in all. A desire to thrive has been a crucial factor in helping the lady bosses on their path to prosperity. There isn’t a finish line, or a “No” that can stop these winners in their tracks. The goal is to create the best versions of themselves and make something that will remain long after they’re gone. 

The Latina to Latina podcast is one you need in your life because it puts you in touch with females that were at one point just like you and I, until one decision changed everything. 

Whether it’s grabbing the bull by the horns, jumping into cold waters even when afraid, or taking calculated risks — it’s a starting point. 

It is better to do all these things than stand on the sidelines wondering what could have been if you would have taken the shot. You will never know what is possible until you empower yourself. This podcast is full of wisdom and energy we can all use during our voyage as women in business and life. Dare yourself to listen with the belief that you too can set the world on fire. Latina to Latina has made a fan out of me!

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