Peso Pluma Continues to Break Musical Boundaries Beyond Corridos Tumbados with Anitta Collaboration on ‘Bellakeo’ 

Peso Pluma Continues to Break Musical Boundaries Beyond Corridos Tumbados with Anitta Collaboration on 'Bellakeo’ 
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Peso Pluma is letting the world know that he will not be boxed into one genre. Though he has found plenty of success singing Mexican regional music, in particular corridos tumbados, he is showing everyone how versatile – and talented – he is.  

From reggaeton to dembow, he is inserting himself into various musical spaces. In his most recent attempt at showcasing his love for pushing the envelope, he partnered with the Brazilian star, Anitta, on a new single titled “Bellakeo.” 

This collaboration debuted on Thursday with a sensual music video directed by Willy Rodríguez, known for his work with Latino artists like Luis Fonsi and Romeo Santos. 

Now, what does “Bellakeo” mean? According to Variety, it is a term loosely translating to the desire for seduction or flirtation. So, during the song, Peso and Anitta talk about their cravings for allure and passion. The term is popularly used by Puerto Ricans, so there’s a Carribean flare to the song. 

Filmed against the backdrop of Madrid, the music video exudes a sexy ambiance, showcasing Anitta and Peso amidst a clandestine perreo party. Scenes alternate between Peso’s seductive verses and Anitta’s world-famous twerking while submerged in water, creating a heady mix of desire and mystery. 

Peso Pluma and Anitta Are Making Large Waves

Peso Pluma recently earned acclaim as Variety’s breakthrough artist of the year, celebrated for chart-topping hits like “La Bebé” with Yng Lvcas, which emerged as one of the year’s biggest reggaeton tracks. Peso’s multifaceted musical journey has garnered him recognition, including a Grammy nomination for the best música mexicana album for his work on “Genésis.” 

For Anitta, the collaboration arrives following her “Funk Generation: A Favela Love Story” EP, where she showcased her multifaceted musicality, including the catchy “Funk Rave.” The Brazilian sensation is no stranger to reggaeton and expressed her enthusiasm for returning to the genre. 

As “Bellakeo” gains traction, Peso Pluma and Anitta leave fans anticipating what they have in store next. 

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