From Karol G to Peso Pluma: 4 Latinos Leave Their Mark on Spotify Wrapped 2023’s Recap

From Karol G to Peso Pluma: 4 Latinos Leave Their Mark on Spotify Wrapped 2023’s Recap
Credit: Spotify, Media Kit

As the year draws to a close, Spotify, the world’s leading music streaming platform, has unveiled its much anticipated ‘2023 Wrapped,‘ revealing the impact of Latin music and its ascension to global prominence. With Latin artists seizing the spotlight and smashing records, 2023 has been witness to great talent.  

From the sun-kissed rhythms of reggaeton to the soul-stirring melodies of Latin pop, Spotify’s data reflects the seismic impact of Latino/e artists. And Bad Bunny, Feid, Karol G, and Peso Pluma, towering figures in the Latino music panorama, stand as a testament to this golden age of Latin music. 

By now, most of the world is familiar with these names. However, for those who aren’t aware of their contribution to Latin music, here’s a quick glance at them. 

Briefly Unpacking the Most Streamed Latino Artists, According to ‘Spotify Wrapped’

Let’s start with a fan favorite – or someone who is quickly becoming a villain: Bad Bunny. Ah, Benito. You know him and so does your abuela. His name is synonymous with breaking barriers and, just this year, etched his legacy as the first solo Latino headliner at Coachella this year. Due to this, his talent transcends borders, resonating with global audiences and clinching a spot as one of Spotify’s most streamed artists of the year. 

Feid, another luminary in this prestigious list, etched his name in history by accomplishing the unprecedented feat of selling out Puerto Rico’s renowned ‘El Choliseo’ arena in under an hour. His chart-topping tracks, such as “Normal,” continue to captivate audiences worldwide, securing his position among Spotify’s most streamed Latino artists. 

Another example of greatness in Latin music is Karol G’s triumph at the Latin Grammys. During this event, she bagged the Best Urban Music Album, underlining her enduring influence in Latin music, more specifically Latin Urban music. La Bichota’s mesmerizing tunes and charisma have positioned her as a star in the industry, hence securing her spot on the list of Spotify Wrapped’s most streamed artists. 

Last but definitely not least, Peso Pluma, with his groundbreaking performance at the VMAs, thrust ‘corridos tumbados’ into the limelight with his sensational track “Lady Gaga.” Making history as the first artist to showcase this genre at the VMAs, Peso Pluma’s boundary-pushing artistry signifies a new era in Latin music. 

While these artists bask in the limelight of Spotify’s top-streamed Latinos, it’s crucial to note the sheer brilliance and impact of other Latino/e talents who didn’t make the list. Latin music continues to shine as a beacon of our collective legacy. 

Spotify’s 2023 data, spanning top songs, artists, podcasts, albums, and emerging trends, underscores the rise and enduring appeal of Latin music on a global scale. As the curtains close on 2023, one thing remains certain: the undeniable imprint of Latin music resonates deeply and will continue to be our cultural legacy.  

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