Piñatería In Mexico Created an Ángela Aguilar and Christian Nodal Piñata — And Some Fear Legal Action May Ensue

OPINION: Angela Aguilar Faces Backlash Amid Her New Relationship with Nodal Leaving Many People Asking What This Means for Latina Unity 
Credit Left to Right: JG MUSIC - Own work / By ZonaFrancaMX - Pepe Aguilar en el palenque de la feria de León

A defining characteristic of Latino culture is the ability to inject humor into any situation. This talent has propelled Piñatería Ramírez to internet fame, establishing it as one of the most popular and viral piñata shops online. Their initiative to craft piñatas that reference trending topics or controversial figures has made them very popular, especially among Mexicans.  

In the wake of the scandal involving Cazzu and Christian Nodal, which subsequently evolved into rumors of a relationship between Nodal and Ángela Aguilar, everyone had a lot to say. These ranged from criticisms and complaints about the new couple to jokes, memes, and even psychological and professional analyses. Amidst all of this, Piñatería Ramírez saw an opportunity to add their unique touch to the conversation. 

Piñatería Ramírez May Be In Hot Water

The shop decided to create a joint piñata of Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar, which they promptly put up for sale. According to the owner, speaking on the show De Primera Mano with host Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the piñata has been selling “like hotcakes.” He noted that Aguilar, in particular, has faced significant criticism, mainly from women, which influenced the detailed craftsmanship of her piñata. 

“The piñata is approximately 1.50 meters tall, proportional to the body. She is somewhat exquisite, and people say she has strong legs, so we made sure to emphasize that. We gave her short hair and a slightly darker complexion,” said the owner.  

He further explained that while they pay close attention to details, they intentionally make some changes to avoid any potential copyright infringement. “We try to make some changes. The piñata is not identical to the person because it wouldn’t work out for us otherwise, but we also avoid naming it after the artist. We might change a tattoo on the hand, for instance, so it’s not an exact replica, although people will obviously make the connection,” he added. 

The owner confessed that they have faced threats of legal action in the past due to their piñatas. “We’ve never faced a formal lawsuit, just threats and warnings from upset artists. Ultimately, nothing comes of it because it would be a long process, and there are details we can point out to argue that the piñata doesn’t represent them. It’s complicated,” he concluded. 

Piñatería Ramírez continues to thrive by blending creativity, humor, and a touch of controversy – and it doesn’t seem like it’ll stop creating these piñatas anytime soon. Good for them.

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