PREMIERE: Latina Singer-Songwriter Amy Correa Bell Honors Her Family Roots on ‘Run It’

PREMIERE: Latina Singer-Songwriter Amy Correa Bell Honors Her Family Roots on ‘Run It’ belatina latine

You may have seen the name Amy Correa Bell on Showtime’s hit television show “Dexter’s” credits, but did you know Correa Bell is also a Latina singer-songwriter? She’s a Guatemalan and Puerto Rican creative that’s premiering her newest song and music video “Run It,” exclusively via BELatina News today (November 11).

“Run It” is a tribute piece to her family and Latine roots. It’s a song about survival – and a way to honor her ancestry who sacrificed themselves for what she has today. The track features Correa Bell’s captivating vocals on top of a futuristic synth-infused beat with an echoing, rhythmic beat to complement it. “Run It” was written during the height of the pandemic, alongside her brother Les Les, who produced it. The cinematic music video was directed by João Dall’Stella.

To get a better feel for “Run It” we spoke to Correa Bell about her inspirations, her family, and what’s next in her fruitful musical career – which includes a “Run It” Latin Cultural Festival.

How do your Guatemalan-Puerto Rican roots influence your music?

Both of my Guatemalan and Puerto Rican sides influence a consistent internal tribal rhythm that comes through when I dance and produce music. I tend to always want a tribal feel in my drums and a hint of something culturally Latin in everything I do. I love the sound of fuzzy marimbas from my mother’s Guatemalan culture, as well as the Afro-Latino percussion from my father’s Puerto Rican roots.

What made you sing about your family and dedicate ‘Run It’ to them?

My eldest brother Les Les produced the music. After it was recorded, my mother had a vision of the imagery that she shared with us. It was very much a vision of overcoming, which helped us gel the direction of where we wanted to go with the concept and ultimately the story within the video. Our director, Joao Dall Stella, wrote an incredible script based on our visions and focused it more on my familial history and truth. Beyond that, since this is our first project together as siblings, we wanted to honor our family and ancestry who sacrificed so much for us to have the opportunities to be creators in the country we live in now. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have the freedom to do music in Los Angeles the way I am doing it now.

What was the process like writing ‘Run It’?

We were isolated in lockdown during the scariest, early months of the pandemic. My brother had come up with the musical idea and presented it to me after which I immediately sang the melodies which contained some of the final lyrics you hear in the song now. The process started with a freestyle run of capturing melodies and not worrying about the words. We went through the takes and discovered the lyrics were becoming apparent and used those to propel the song forward. It was a beautiful discovery as we developed the song, and in a way was almost effortless.

 PREMIERE: Latina Singer-Songwriter Amy Correa Bell Honors Her Family Roots on ‘Run It’belatina latine
Credit: Alanna Durkee

What made you reconnect with your Latina roots?

Prior to working with my brother, I hadn’t worked with any other Latino producers so my sound was usually outside of that direction. Now that I’m producing alongside my family, I’m able to take a bigger executive production role in the sound and final product.  It was a natural call to honor my Latina side, especially having my mother so close who is an angel and my biggest inspiration. She sacrificed so much to bring her extended family over from Guatemala at a time when it seemed impossible. She also talks so much about her grandmother and the influence she had on my mother growing up, encouraging her to travel to the US as soon as she was of age to do so. Although I’ve never met my great-grandmother, her influence on me is present and alive in all I do.

‘Run It’ has to do with your generational experiences – especially survival – and their value. What is something that you value from these experiences and your own?

My family has been an example of perseverance and overcoming obstacles that most would find impossible. I value knowing their experiences as it motivates me to also continue that perseverance and live out my life with meaning and purpose. Looking back on my younger years, I see the many ups and downs that could have taken me out of the music industry, yet here I am releasing my most important work to date!

What else do you want others to know about ‘Run It’?

“Run It” is the first song of a new sound and direction that I am taking with my music. My new album will reflect more of this authentic sound and story. I will be releasing a Run It remix EP in 2023 along with my new album material. There are plans for a “Run It” Latin Cultural Festival where we will highlight other Latin emerging talent and celebrate their accomplishments while contributing to charities that support immigrant culture.

Any advice to young Latinas who seek to work in the entertainment industry?

Embrace your roots and honor your culture!  There is something super-beautiful about coming together in support and combining our art and talent with our history and influence.  

Never be ashamed of who you are and where you come from.  Your story will inspire someone else and needs to be shared.

Don’t give up before the miracle happens – perseverance and preparation will always bring the opportunities you dream of.

Watch the exclusive premiere of “Run It” below.

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