The Art of Go-To Casualness Via Red Lipstick and a Messy Bun

Megan marble Messy bu
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Red lipstick and a messy bun are the eternal look, a pair that always makes you look fresh, juvenile, relaxed, and for that matter, the perfect day look. Let’s start by talking about the classic of classics. Red lipstick, despite its tumultuous past, became women’s best ally and is known for two things, number one for being universally flattering and number two for being a synonym of female beauty, power, confidence, and sexuality.

Even though there are women who are still apprehensive about the idea of wearing this bold color, the trick to achieve the perfect scarlet pout is to buy a shade of red that goes well with your skin tone. The excuse of not wearing red lipstick because “it doesn’t look good on you” is not valid, and in fact is just a statement that pass along from female to female when they didn’t feel confident in their own skin. 

The same lipstick you love so much can look different on another person because the tone and undertone of your skin, the shade, and the natural color of your lips play a big part in the result. Sometimes the last thing we want to do when experimenting with red for the first time is throw the towel after swatching multiple brands, to our luck there is one brand in particular that has a red lipstick that goes well with every single skin color. 

Considered as the universal red, MAC’s Ruby Woo is the lipstick that all women can proudly wear. Formulated with blue undertones, this retro shade is the ultimate matte cherry red you’ll need. 

Another red lipstick that beautifully matches every skin tone is Tom Ford Cherry Lush. This cool-toned, medium-dark red with a pearl finish is ideal if you don’t want an opaque red color like MAC’s Ruby Woo. 

To try both colors, visit a nearby store and ask an associate to help you with the process. They will let you try if for free and if you are not one hundred percent convinced you won’t need to buy it. 

The steps to create the perfect messy bun are super simple. You just need to gather all your hair into a high ponytail, twist it to create a loose bun by wrapping the hair around itself. Secure in place with a hair tie and bobby pins, then pull out little sections of your bun to loosen. You can take out hair from your sides and even let your baby hairs unlaid. 

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