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Next of Us Intern Opportunity Fund BIPOC students BELatina Latinx

How the Next of Us Intern Opportunity Fund Aims To Break Vicious Cycles of...

As schools and universities are preparing to wind down, and students across the country prepare for summer break, many students are also applying for...
CafeMedia BELatina Latinx

CafeMedia Launches New Edition of Remarkable Voices, an Accelerator Program To Empower BIPOC Content...

CafeMedia, one of the world's largest ad management services, has announced the second cohort of Remarkable Voices, the accelerator program to empower BIPOC content...
Sustainable Menstrual Products BELatina Latinx

5 Sustainable Menstrual Products by BIPOC Brands You Should Try

Menstrual care, and menstruation in general, has been considered a taboo subject for centuries, especially by white Western culture. However, just as it was for...
Audio Books BIPOC Authors Summer BELatina Latinx

9 Audiobooks by BIPOC Authors You Should Listen to This Summer

One great thing that comes with summer is the endless summer reads you’ll want to dive into whether you’re on the beach or on...
‘Dress Codes,' The Latina-Curated Online Group Exhibition Dissecting Identity Through Fashion BeLatina Latinx

‘Dress Codes,’ The Black Latina-Curated BIPOC Online Group Exhibition

A new digital exhibition on Artsy.net aims to show how Black and Brown women artists dialogue with their identity through fashion. Curated by Jasmin...
BIPOC midterms BeLatina Latinx

Why the BIPOC Community Needs to Focus on Midterm Elections Starting Now

The 2020 Presidential election was intense. It felt like our country’s entire future was at stake. After years of dealing with an incompetent president...
BIPOC Feminism Womxn BeLatina Latinx

BIPOC Womxn Who Didn’t Let the End of the World Phase Their Success

2020 is finally coming to a close, and we can’t say we’re sad to see it go. What started out as the beginning of...
African Diaspora International Film Festival BeLatina Latinx

The Virtual Film Festival Showcasing BIPOC Storytellers

We’re fortunate to live in a time where there are more films than ever before about the Black experience created by Black directors and...
BELatina Best of the Week Yilian Cañizares Latinx

BELatina’s Best of the Week: Yilian Cañizares, TravelerCharly, And More

Wait a minute, it's already Friday? Where did the week go?! We still have a lot of stories in the oven, and it seems...
TravelerCharly BELatina Latinx

Meet TravelerCharly, the Nonbinary Latine Money and Business Wizard

Charly Stoever is a nonbinary Latine money and business coach who is focused and dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ and BIPOC folks “make money their...