The Latino Leadership Institute Announces A New Businesses Accelerator Program

The Latino Leadership Institute Announces A New Businesses Accelerator Program belatina latinx

On July 29, the Latino Leadership Institute announced their first 2022-2023 class of chosen entrepreneurs for their new businesses accelerator program, the Latino Entrepreneur Access Program, in Colorado – spearheaded by Latinos themselves.

According to The Denver Channel, this new institution will be called LEAP (Latino Entrepreneur Access Program) and is a free year-long program where 11 selected Latino and BIPOC business people will be mentored by a paid advisory board of 47 CEOs that specialize in their industry from all over the world. 

The Latino Leadership Institute Announces A New Businesses Accelerator Program  BELatina News latinx

“LEAP is all about growth and scale,” the CEO of the Latino Leadership Institute, Joelle Martinez, said. “If you look at growing wealth, there are three ways you do it. You either grow through home ownership, building a business growing as an entrepreneur, or, you know, investments and inheritance.”

She continued: “Well, we can’t get to the ladder without the first two. Entrepreneurship is a key to wealth creation for our community.”

Martinez concluded her reported statement by saying that LEAP will be there to help these entrepreneurs not only tackle any challenges but also grow into larger, more sustainable businesses that would be capable of navigating hardships like a pandemic or recession. The three major outcomes of the program include: being able to sustain profitable revenue growth, expanding their workforce, and having access to public and private financing sources.

LEAP is something that fittingly aligns with the Latino Leadership Institute’s goals. Since 2013, the Latino Leadership’s mission statement aims to be “a center of excellence for leadership across industry sectors, geography, and generations.” Their approach “provides leaders, entrepreneurs, and allies with the social and technical capital to close the longstanding opportunity gaps and unlock the potential that reflective leadership offers the future of organizations, businesses, and the U.S.”

With this in mind, the leaders will now have a first-hand opportunity to guide LEAP’s inaugural class to continue ending opportunity gaps across the map – in all types of industries.

For more information on LEAP, click here.

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