Shades and Mental Health, How Much Do We Know About the Psychology of Color?

Colors and Mental Health BeLatina Latinx
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Latinas are known for being colorful, cheerful, and full of life — or so they say. But perhaps there’s more behind the psychology of color than we realize.

There are so many things that affect our mood in our daily lives, from the random person who decides to CC your boss in an email (this means war, right?) to the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Colors, too, can play a huge role in how you feel throughout your day. 

However, understanding color psychology hasn’t been a science instilled into us. It’s wild how we are thrown into the world, ready to feel the passion of a red color without much notice. Aren’t we passionate enough as it is already? Well, you get my drift. 

Mental wellbeing is of the utmost importance. This is why we should take extra care of our surroundings whenever possible. 

If you are trying to steer into a path where your personal spaces are filled with tranquility, then take a look at the emotions the colors below may evoke. 

Decorate accordingly and be aware of how a simple change can promote harmonious living. 

Purple color mental health Belatina Latinx
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All I’ve known about the color purple is how it symbolizes royalty. This is probably why it is my favorite color (I’m royalty in my mind, but not even my shadow agrees with me). Since purple is not a color often seen in nature, it is thought of as rare and imaginative. Thus, sprinkling this color around your environment, whether it’s your clothes, walls, or simple accessories, will subconsciously gear your mind into thinking about bravery, wisdom, and power. 

Orange color mental health Belatina Latinx
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The vibrancy of orange is almost exquisite. For one, we already think of its citrusy alias and how great its tangy juice mixes well with even the cheapest champagne. On top of that, it can brighten almost anything it is splashed on. 

The psychology behind this loud shade is said to be that of excitement and joy. No surprise there, really. Notice how tropical destinations are often using orange in their ads. It’s done on purpose, and we will gladly fall for it any time of the year. Of course, once we can all travel safely again!

Green color mental health Belatina Latinx
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Oh, green. Probably one of the most sought-after colors. After all, that’s the money shot. This color is also associated with nature, growth, and freshness. Our psyche reacts well to light hues of the color as it can elicit tranquility. It, too, can subconsciously bring about primal feelings and might make you feel more connected to your surroundings. Therefore, allowing you to bask in your inner peace, even if you aren’t hyper-aware of it. 

Red color mental health Belatina Latinx
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Red is filled with personality. There’s no going around it. Its versatility can be used to depict different feelings. 

On the one hand, it can bring about passion and desire. Deep red hues can entice such emotions. Yet, deoxygenated blood also counts with the same tone, which denotes the love attached to the crimson tinge. Moreover, the universality of this color can force feelings of war and danger. In order to balance your mood with such powerful color, you have to be conscious of how you pair it. Otherwise, you risk altering your frame of mind.

Pink color mental health Belatina Latinx
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Even though many people may link pink to women, it is more complex than that. In actuality, this color created from pale reds and white can represent hope, innocence, romance, and optimism. Meaning, it guarantees a better mood for those who revel in its many tint adaptations. 

Yellow color mental health Belatina Latinx
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Yellow is most likely to put anyone in their best state of mind. It is linked to joy and energy. The warmth of this bright color will cause a boost in your motivation and mental activity. So, if you’re looking for a calming vibe, this is not the color for you. But it is if you need that extra push into happiness.

Blue color mental health Belatina Latinx
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In contrast to yellow, blue is known to have that much-desired-for calming effect. It also has the ability to create an environment where communication is welcomed and sincere. This is why many recruiters advise people to wear blue for their interviews. The flexibility of the blue hues creates environments that can be personal and authentic. Maybe this is the best color to wear when PMS-ing because lord knows how stormy those days can be for anyone.

As with anything, you give the meaning you want to anything around you. However, there’s always truth in science, so you might want to be more mindful of the colors you have control over in your life.