Original Cast of ‘Hamilton’ Zoom Bombs John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ to Serenade a 9-Year-Old Fan

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If you’ve been crying all day, don’t dry your eyes just yet — you’ll want to watch this, and we promise you’ll be drenched in happy tears by the time you’re finished.

The premise of actor and filmmaker John Kransinki’s new YouTube show Some Good News is precisely to remind you that despite the painful changes that the world is undergoing — some temporary, some permanent — there’s some good news out there too that we can lean on to get us through! 

Much of this good news revolves around people’s creativity, a collective impulse to give to those in need, and simply a recognition of how humbling it is to unplug from our regularly scheduled lives and reconnect with our friends and family in ways that we may have taken for granted or overlooked. Nothing embodies this good news better than the finale of Episode Two of Some Good News

Having a birthday right now feels bizarre at best and downright depressing at its worst. Nine-year-old Aubrey was supposed to celebrate her most recent birthday at a production of Hamilton in Jacksonville, Florida, but instead spent the night at home watching Mary Poppins Returns, something her mother had tweeted out to the show’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. As consolation, Krasinski arranged a Zoom video call with Aubrey on Sunday, offering to fly her to New York City to see the show on Broadway next year. Krasinski also invited Emily Blunt, his wife and the star of Mary Poppins Returns, to the screen to say hi. Needless to say, Aubrey was psyched. 

But then she got “Zoom bombed” in the best way… by Lin-Manuel Miranda himself, who had an even better present for her: the entire original cast of Hamilton, performing her favorite song from the show “Alexander Hamilton,” over video conference. 


And this wasn’t Miranda’s only video gesture this week! On Monday, he shared his gratitude to the more than 50,000 health care workers of the New York-Presbyterian hospital system in their morning brief. “I know you all have families, I know you are putting yourselves on the line,” he said. “You never asked for this. You are heroes and you’re doing incredible work. I’m grateful for your service, New York City is thankful for your service. Thank you so much. Keep continuing to let us know how we can help.”

Earlier this month, he used his artistic platform, performing “My Shot” to help raise funds for Broadway relief efforts for the Actor’s Fund and Broadway Cares.

If Miranda’s virtual live performances aren’t a testament to the importance of the arts, of empathy, and of generosity, then we don’t know what is.

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