Hot Take: Self-Love is the Name of the Season

Hot Take: Self-Love is the Name of the Season belatina
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The season of love is here. At least, that’s what we are told it is. After all, celebrating love can take place yearlong. Yet, while we are here, let’s talk about the different ways it can manifest itself.  

Love isn’t only about romance. It’s something that is felt among friends, and family, too. There’s such a thing as platonic love, self-love, friendship love, neighbor love, amor de abuelos, and more. So, if this season you find yourself without your media naranja or significant other, it’s okay. There’s no need to mope about it. Instead, use this time to appreciate who truly is around you. Remember, amor is a grand feeling in all aspects.  

It’s a perfect time to create new memories with those who bring joy to your heart. Though this is often observed during the 13th of February as Galentine’s Day, the day dedicated to expressing your love for your ride or dies, why not do something different this year? How about you designate more time than ever for your loved ones and document each moment?  

Time continues to pass and, unfortunately, not everyone gives themselves the chance to take in all the beauty that is around them. So, this year, glam it up and make a date out of every encounter with your favorite people during February. In other words, take all the selfies possible. If you still own a selfie stick, dust it off, and bring it out on your love-filled adventures.

We suggest you go an extra step though.  

Rather than keeping those memories locked away in your phone’s gallery or in your friends’ galleries, print them out.  

Contrary to popular belief, printing out photos is not vintage – especially if they are being printed directly from your smartphone. It’s very much a modern thing to do.  

Capture your moments with MyPhoto

As a suggestion, print out your photos this same month so you can also gift them during this lovely season. If you’re wondering where you can get this done – and that it’ll be quick – we’ve got just the place.  

You may or may not be acquainted with MyPhoto, but they are uno de los duros in the photo printing industry. You can send your photos from your device and they’ll send over your selections, framed and ready to flaunt to the world.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with MyPhoto:

A picture with a sweet message is just what you and your best friends need  

Thanks to MyPhoto’s* “Acrylic Expressions” Block, you are able to add sentimental text to their best-selling Acrylic Block. Each photo is HD printed onto 1-inch-thick acrylic and they come in many sizes. Can you imagine a photo of you and your bestie printed onto a block that says “love?” It’d be such a sweet gesture for Galentine’s Day and beyond.

Self-love is reminding yourself (and others) of the good times

Nothing says love like food. This is why we encourage you to try out MyPhoto’s* Acrylic MiniMagnets. It will allow you to showcase your favorite person close to your favorite spot in the house, the kitchen. These mini magnets will let you (and whoever you are willing to share it with) create beautiful fridge art. And it can be created with only selfies. It’s a quick and simple reminder of the amazing memories that transpired.

Continue to hang out through photos

Create the best hangout area by hanging photos that make you smile around your home. By ordering MyPhoto’s* “Stickables,” you’ll be able to hang your favorite photos effortlessly. This is all thanks to their peel-and-stick backer. Not only will this be easier than eating the first slice of flan, but it also won’t damage your walls. So, “stick” all the moments you want! You are sure to have fun while doing this, too.  

As you can see, love is everywhere. This is why surrounding yourself with the right people is important – to share these experiences together.

Which MyPhoto Block caught your eye?

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