Tamara Roy Brings Her Energy and Passion for Dance to BELatina TV

BELatina TV is, without a doubt, going to be filled with surprises. One of the first surprises it delivers is featuring Tamara Roy as a special guest. 

During this episode, Roy performs and teaches both Dr. Karent Sierra and Chef James how to make a few dance moves, and it’s quite the spectacle to watch. 

Tamara Roy is an Argentine professional dancer born in Buenos Aires and raised in Miami, FL. Her love for dancing, she recalls, started at the young age of 8. Although, Tamara merits her Latino roots for influencing her as well. 

“I come from a family background of dancers,” she recently told BELatina News. “My mom and father used to dance in Argentina a unique style of Spanish dance called ‘La Jota.’ I remember being on stage with them, dressed up, and just sitting there watching them.”

Following a dream

Her dance journey started in a local studio named Dancexchange. After preparing herself in creative settings, for example, attending one of Miami’s most sought-after Arts high schools, New World School of Arts, and earning her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, she knew dancing was her calling. 

All that preparation led her to participate in highly-esteemed events such as “Premio Lo Nuestro” and “Premio Juventud.” She was also part of the Miami Marlins Mermaids in 2009 and of the Miami Heat dancers from 2011-2014.

Her experiences in the dance world led her to open up her own dance studio in Miami in 2013, Black Box Studios Miami.

When asked what inspired her to make dance part of her life’s work, she said it all had to do with the feeling it gave her. 

“Dancing, to me, has and will always be an escape, a feeling of being free.”

Dancing has taken Roy to great heights, and her story is a testament to thriving through creativity. 

Though she’s found plenty of success in her career path, she mentioned that being able to travel as she developed herself as a dancer was one of her most memorable moments.

“Being a Heat dancer, I got to travel to games in China, which was beyond amazing. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be traveling to China to dance at a Basketball game with top NBA players.”

A story that must be told

As you will all be able to see on BELatina TV, Roy is filled with an intense energy that is hard not to love. You will also notice that she is embarking on the next step of her life, becoming a mother. Tamara is currently seven months pregnant with her first child and is excited to start her own family. 

Roy’s fruitful life couldn’t have been possible without words of encouragement, and she left some for the BELatina News audience. 

“I would love for my story to inspire other Latinas and all the women out there. If you truly believe in your dreams, you can make them happen through hard work and passion.”

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