Rebecca Gitana Torres’ Unique Methodology for Healing Through the Home

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In a Latino home, it is not uncommon to find the natural syncretism of beliefs. From palo santo to the holy card of the Archangel Gabriel, at home, we have always believed that a lit candle goes a long way.

For Rebecca Gitana Torres, this is an ancestral practice with many layers.

Torres is a television producer, host, transformational guide, interior designer, lifestyle expert, environmental activist, entrepreneur, and social impact leader.

Over the past two decades, Rebecca Gitana Torres has honed a unique methodology that draws from this syncretism.

Torres combines conscious interior design, color therapy, Afro-Indigenous knowledge, metaphysics, and more to bring to life her growing in-person practice, and lifestyle content brand, Healing Through The Home.

With the flavor of her cultural heritage and countless hours of session time as a Transformational Guide, plus experiences as a lifelong New Yorker with a wanderlust spirit, Torres’ compelling approach helps guide people of all paths toward enlightenment in their lives.

And no moment has been more crucial to healing our homes than the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has been a period of reflection for many, where we have had to redefine our relationship with ourselves and our homes. That is why Rebecca Gitana Torres wanted to reach into our homes through a one-hour television special where she invites viewers into her New York “Mothership” to explore the fundamentals of what it means to heal the home.

“This is a powerful show for homes of color and anyone who has had to survive so much to feel safe and reclaim their space in the world,” she says. “I became a self-taught TV Producer, Editor, Jingle Composer, Graphic Designer, and more because the mission behind my work is that real.”

In anticipation of the release of “Healing Through the Home” on KP Media TV, via Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Android TV, this fall, BELatina wanted to talk to Torres about her background and her interesting methodology. 

What sparked your interest in lighting people’s lives through home healing? 

The vision for home healing was actually born when I was a little girl. There were times in my home life that were violent and scary. I promised myself as a child that I would make sure that my home was a safe space regardless of what was happening in the world. Early on in my interior design career, I observed how our traumas and most sensitive parts were revealed through the home space. I quickly realized that this work I was called to do was far deeper than just picking out furniture. People were showing me their struggles, inner devastation, and the most sensitive parts of themselves. Our homes truly are an extension of our inner self and carry the remnants of our life’s journey. 

How is home healing different from other spiritual practices? 

Home healing is different from other spiritual practices in that it is connected to material objects and tangible environments. Home healing is about observing how we are connected to the things we buy or collect and the things we say are important in this physical world. It’s also very connected to how we see ourselves and the story we claim over our life. Home healing can also be a communal reflection and it’s influenced by our neighborhoods and the people we live with.

What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced during this journey? How did you overcome them? 

I have faced many challenges throughout my journey indeed. This in itself is a piece to write about. Some of the challenges I have overcome include: Leaving my city job to pursue my dreams, keeping a roof over my head as an entrepreneur, redefining the meaning of abundance in my bones – and overcoming multiple miscarriages which somehow also lined up with self-producing my tv shows. The biggest challenge of all was the mental and spiritual growth that was required to actually show up despite the challenges. This doesn’t mean that I wasn’t sad or never felt down. O no.  This meant that I had to learn how to transmute sadness into joy, self-doubt into radical self-love, and fear into faith. Our biggest challenges are that of the mind, and when we realize this, we understand that all things are truly possible. 

Talk to us about your contributions to Telemundo. How has that experience been for you? 

I actually got the opportunity to produce segments for Telemundo because a young woman who watches my Instagram Lives and takes part in my offerings was watching. She works for the show I was featured on, and she pitched her producers. She had the vision to bring my spiritual work to a fun afternoon show and I believe we made history. I don’t think topics like Tantra and Altar building have ever been taught on Telemundo before. The segments were shot in my home by Arismendy Montero, and I produced the entire thing. I had my hands in everything from hair and makeup to set design, creating my script, and loading up my teleprompter. The most memorable part of shooting was having my mother direct each and every segment. She went over my scripts and made sure that my Spanish translations were on point; she watched live via Zoom as we shot the segments. She also made sure I looked good, that my pronunciation was correct, and ultimately was there to direct. I am so thankful to have been able to collaborate with my mom in this way. 

We saw your Winter Solstice ritual video on Telemundo, and we’d love to know if there are other times where these rituals can be carried out. Would this be possible? 

The rituals I share can be adapted to any turning point moment. Use what I teach as a guiding point and adapt it to your circumstance and season. Most important to with this: USE YOUR INSTINCTS. 

What’s your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal has always been to be a light on people’s paths. I also know that I am here to help people grow and remember their truest nature. Ultimately, I want my work and offerings to have a huge footprint that extends throughout media, television, and multi-dimensional realms. 

Any words of wisdom or advice for other Latinas trying to tap into their spirituality?

If you want to tap into your spirituality and its capabilities, you will have to separate yourself from many things. Take inventory of the people, places, music, shows, or anything else that is creating static around you. This energetic static affects our cosmic Wifi, making the signal for communication and transformation weak. When we clear our lives of things that bring static, we strengthen this signal and can receive incredible gifts and downloads. People will mock you when you separate yourself from “basic” things, but the payoff is increased clarity of the mind, making more empowered choices, peace of mind, and overall wellness.

Tell us about your new show “Healing through the Home”

“Healing through the Home” is a one-hour show that explores the fundamentals of what it means to heal your home. Topics include clutter clearing, how to use color to harmonize the home, indoor and outdoor gardening, how to keep a spiritually clean home, and interior design tips and tricks. It was shot during the pandemic at my home, which I affectionately call “The Mothership.” I love to show viewers how living the good life is more about mindfully curating a space that supports our lives rather than accumulating things or having access to a lot of money or things. Everyone can watch it on Roku, Amazon Fire, Android, and Apple TV. Watch on your TV set, your phone, or tablet!  

Anything else you’d like to add? 

It is vital that you be yourself. In a world where we can compare ourselves to countless people and their lives, it is easy to want to put on the same “filter” and appear like everyone else. However, this is not where the magic lies. The magic lies when you nurture your gifts and when you love yourself as you grow. That is the key, “as you grow.” Don’t wait to love yourself when you lose weight or achieve new social status. Know that wherever you are in life is perfect and that each day gives us a powerful platform to learn, transform and create new avenues for joy and abundance. Be brave and seize on this truth for yourself. 

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