Oracle Reading on the Full Moon in Cancer Reveals Our Lady of Truth

Tarot Reading on the Full Moon in Cancer Reveals Our Lady of Truth belatina latine

The Full Moon in watery Cancer rises in all its luminous intensity on January 6 at 6:08 p.m. EST. It will elicit heightened emotions, a need for deeper self-care, and quiet in order to understand what we truly desire right now.  

Full Moons bring everything to a peak, so expect intense reactions, moodiness, intuitive downloads, and a need for solitude. Since the world is shouting at us and letting us know what we need to do to prepare for 2023, we are best served by getting quiet and tending to ourselves with great compassion and trust.  

When we get quiet and wade through the layers of internalized criticism and societal demands, we find our truest selves.  

We begin this emotional ride on the wings of 2023’s first Mercury (messenger planet) retrograde, harmonizing with a Uranus (transformer) in retrograde, and Mars (warrior planet) in Gemini (communication/technology). Rather than seeding the new for 2023, taking it slow and reviewing, reintegrating, reassessing, and releasing what no longer serves are all important themes at the moment. We’re not there yet though. We are still 2022’s cleanup crew, so release worries and FOMO that you’re not seeding intentions. The perfect time for that arrives on the New Moon.  

With Mars in Gemini and Mercury retrograde, we continue to receive the message of thinking before speaking and making sure we are not saying words we cannot take back. Speaking our truth is not about lashing out — it is about communicating from a grounded, accountable, and open-hearted place.  

The Lady of Truth oracle card from Alana Fairchild’s Mother Mary Oracle Deck highlights the need to honor our sacred feminine energy, the divine realm of the Moon by trusting our truth, and our vibes. It’s telling us to follow our heart even if our head and society aren’t in agreement. Baños, more sleep, warm teas, and comfortable surroundings are in order.  

Guiding Question for Full Moon in Cancer

What truth have I avoided in 2022 that needs to be witnessed, acknowledged, and integrated now? How can I move into 2023 honoring myself, my time, and my energy more? 

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