The NVISION Latino Film and Music Festival Is Offering Creatives the Chance to Win $10,000 – Here’s What You Need to Do to Enter

The NVISION Latino Film and Music Festival Is Offering Creatives the Chance to Win $10,000 – Here's What You Need to Do to Enter
Credit: Carma Connected

The NVISION Latino Film and Music Festival, an evolution of the Official Latino Film Festival, is set to elevate Latino culture and artistic expression to unprecedented heights. This reimagined festival is backed by a distinguished committee composed of acclaimed industry leaders including Anthony Ramos, Lynette Coll, Leslie Grace, Jairo Alvarado, and Santiago Zapata. 

What Industry Leaders Are Saying

“As artists & producers, we believe the more opportunities we have to experience art communally, the more impactful it becomes. Now more than ever, we need spaces curated with thought and intention that bring us together to uplift and celebrate each other’s work! […] Joining the selection community at NVISION is an opportunity to keep shaping the narrative and cultivate a space where our voices are heard, our experiences are honored, and our dreams are realized,” said Grace and Coll in an official press statement. 

Anthony Ramos, known for his roles in “Transformers: Rise of the Beast” & “Twisters,” shares the excitement with fellow committee members Alvarado and Zapata.  

“We are excited to be part of an innovative and groundbreaking platform to help bring together ideas promoting artistic innovation. We are glad to have found a group of like-minded thinkers who want to push culture towards exchanging ideas to bring us closer together. A great film festival provides a space for the creative community to be nurtured and emboldened, and that’s what we are setting up to do with NVISION,” they said. 

The festival will feature an amazing lineup of film screenings and music performances. The 2024 NVISION Latino Film and Music Festival, in collaboration with the Palm Springs Art Museum, aims to inspire audiences while celebrating Latino culture through film and music. 

A new addition to the festival’s board is Miguel Melendez, a Westbrook founder and veteran executive producer. He joins existing board members Lex Borrero, Tommy Mottola, and founder Danny Hastings.  

How to Submit Your Work to the NVISION Latino Film and Music Festival

Submissions are now open for U.S. and International Shorts featuring Drama, Horror/Sci-fi, Documentary, Comedy, Experimental, and Animation, as well as Music Videos. The top awards for Best U.S. and International Features will confer a prize of $10,000, with a $5,000 prize for Best U.S. and International Shorts. Submissions can be made via 

Key dates for submissions are as follows: 

  • Open submission call: NOW OPEN 
  • Early Bird deadline for submissions: May 19, 2024 
  • Official deadline for submissions: June 29, 2024 
  • Extended deadline for submissions: July 19, 2024 
  • Notification Dates: August 9, 2024 

If you’re a Latino/e filmmaker or video producer, make sure you sign up ASAP. ¡Suerte, amigxs! 

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