Though There Could’ve More Representation, These Latino Stars Held It Down for the Latino Community at Vogue World 

Though There Could’ve More Representation, These Latino Stars Held It Down for the Latino Community at Vogue World 
Credit: By Mister No

Vogue World has become synonymous with high fashion, celebrity appearances, and unforgettable performances. This year, the event took place in the heart of Paris at the iconic Place Vendôme, bringing together a constellation of stars from around the globe. But among the glittering attendees, the Latino celebrities truly stole the show. 

Colman Domingo

Afro-Latino star, Colman Domingo, known for his powerful dramatic roles, showed a different side of himself at Vogue World: Paris. Dressed in a polka-dotted Balmain ensemble, Domingo’s playful energy was infectious as he joyfully strolled around Place Vendôme. His appearance was a reminder that fashion can be fun and expressive, and Domingo’s charisma made him one of the standout figures of the evening. 


Colombian musician Maluma made an early appearance in the evening, capturing attention with his sophisticated look. He navigated the Place Vendôme with a chilled cocktail in hand, dressed to impress in Thom Brown. Maluma’s suave demeanor and stylish outfit highlighted the elegance and class he brings to every occasion. But that’s just how Papi Juancho rolls.  

Bad Bunny

As the night ended, Bad Bunny, also known as Benito, took the stage in a striking double-breasted suit from Pressiat. The Puerto Rican superstar delivered live performances of his hits “Monaco,” “Vou 787,” and “Titi Me Preguntó,” leaving the audience mesmerized – per usual.  

Brief History of Vogue World

Vogue World, an annual extravaganza by Vogue magazine, has been a fixture in the fashion calendar since its inception. The event is a celebration of fashion, art, and culture, with each iteration surpassing the last in terms of glamour and star power. Held in different iconic locations each year, Vogue World aims to bring the pages of the magazine to life, showcasing the latest trends and celebrating the intersection of fashion and entertainment. Paris, the fashion capital of the world, provided the perfect backdrop for this year’s spectacle. 

Latino Representation at Its Best

The presence of these Latino celebrities at Vogue World: Paris showcased the richness of Latino culture and its significant influence on global fashion and entertainment. From Colman Domingo’s playful polka dots to Bad Bunny’s show-stopping performance and Maluma’s sophisticated charm, these stars are making many of us proud.  

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