Three Latino-Owned Businesses with Gifts for Men

Three Latino-Owned Businesses with Gifts for Men
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We are just six days into Hispanic Heritage Heritage Month, but being festive has been difficult. It’s been a rough start, considering how many heartaches many people in our community are enduring at the moment. From Mexico’s catastrophic earthquake to Hurricane Fiona mercilessly making its way through the Caribbean, it’s been a lot. Nonetheless, it’s important no one forgets to celebrate our community year-long, which is why I’ve compiled a list where men can, too, enjoy the talents and craftiness of the Latino community. 

For today, I’d like to call out a few extraordinary Latine entrepreneurs who are sure to make this month and the upcoming gift giving season vibrant and authentic – especially if you’re looking for something special for that special guy in your life. 

Much has been discussed about how politics impacts Latinos and who’s making waves in Hollywood, but what about the Latine-owned businesses that are thriving and providing amazing and authentic products for millions of people around the world?

Let’s get to it. 

FourTwoFour on Fairfax by Guillermo Andrade

424 by Guillermo Andrade is a streetwear brand with a highly articulated level of detail and sophistication in their designs. The 424 label was founded by Andrade in 2015. Since then, they’ve held a strong dedication to reimagining classic Guatemalan art into their modern day streetwear. If you come across their Instagram, be sure to check out their shop to view the full collection. You may see an eye-popping design you’d want to wear at your next event or for your loved one. 


Suavecito grooming products was founded by Mexican-American brothers, Pete and Tony Adame. The brothers started their business by selling pomade and have since grown to be the successful and inclusive brand we see today.

The brand provides at home, customized salon care products, with enough variety to satisfy any customer. They have developed a trustworthy reputation throughout the years and have become a favorite in salons.

The Bronx Native 

Last but not least, we have to give a big shout out to The Bronx Native – a clothing brand that radiates the culture of NYC, specifically the Bronx (Yerrr!). It’s truly rare to find a brand that makes you feel like you’re joining a community.

The Bronx Native has grown in popularity throughout the years, with artists like Busta Rhymes and Mos Def sporting the brand. Owned by Amaurys Grullon, the clothes feature a wide variety of dope artwork featuring some of people’s favorite Bronx born musicians and actors – Chazz Palmintire, JLo, and Lauren Bacall. If they’re a legend from the Bronx, they are represented by the brand. The Bronx native has become the go-to brand for anyone trying to get closer to New York culture and for those who want to represent where they come from. 

Each of these brands brings their own unique sense of style to their specific genre. If you decide to treat yourself or a special guy in your life this Hispanic Heritage Month and/or the upcoming holiday season, check out all three. They each have something for everyone. 

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