Many are Speculating That Trap Bunny is Making a Comeback

Many are Speculating That Trap Bunny is Making a Comeback belatina

A few months ago, Bad Bunny announced that he was taking a much-needed break in 2023, but it doesn’t seem like he’s gone away completely.  

Some are even speculating he’s working on returning to his beginnings, which encompasses the rhythmic snares of Latino Trap. I mean, who remembers his “Soy Peor” and “Diles” era? It was a new sound and one that was embraced by many people, especially those who are eager to follow the evolution of Hip-Hop and Urbano music. Since then, through his uniquely-tuned deep voice and NSFW lyrics, Bad Bunny began his path to becoming the most successful musician in recent times. 

Though his musical direction slightly changed in the past years, his original fan base has continued to long for his Trap-like music. Well, Benito seems to share his fan’s nostalgia because he recently commented an eye emoji under the “Soy Peor” music video on YouTube.   

It is evident that he understands the impact of the Trap hit because he knew a comment in this video wouldn’t go unnoticed. His tour manager, Mr. Hp, also posted an eye emoji on his Instagram story.  

Could Trap Bunny be making a comeback? 

Deciphering Bad Bunny’s comment on YouTube

Now, many are trying to uncover what this may mean.  


Bad Bunny leaving clues all over! #badbunny #trapbunny #soypeor #benito #elconejomalo #fyp parati #greenscreenvideo

♬ sonido original – Edits de Bad Bunny

To be fair, the portrayal of an eye has always been part of Bad Bunny’s brand. He even used it as his “X 100pre” album cover art.  

There are endless possibilities on what Benito’s comment may mean. He can be preparing his fan base for the resurgence of his Trap era. Or, he simply left a comment under one of his most popular videos because he’s proud of how far he’s come. One thing is for sure: Conspiracy theorists are having the time of their lives right now. 

Do you think the theories are baseless or could it be that people that Trap Bunny is, in fact, returning with new music? 

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