Latina Jefas are Taking Over: ‘Cadena Collective’ Allows You to Wear Your Culture Proudly

Latina Jefas are Taking Over: ‘Cadena Collective’ Allows You to Wear Your Culture Proudly belatina latine

Latina jefas or bosses are taking over.  

Regardless of how the economic climate is, Latinas are letting their creativity shine. We’ve said it before and will say it again: Latina brands are the future. 

One of those brands is the Cadena Collective. 

Cadena Collective has been trending on social media, especially on TikTok, for giving the community the confidence in adding authentic, cultural flare to work attire. They use familiar textile patterns and bright colors in a modern way.  


Embroidery, textiles, color. It’s all professional to me. 😍 And yes we are working on a restock (still 😭). #cadenacollective #latinaownedbusiness #mexicandesign

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However, their looks transcend professional apparel. Their carefully curated selection of items ranges from jewelry to purses, too.  

Who is behind ‘Cadena Collective’?

Founded by two sisters, Alejandra and Mabel, Cadena Collective derives from resilience. They immigrated from Mexico in 1996 at the ages of six and eight, respectively, with their mother to Dallas, Texas. It was through watching and living the resourcefulness brought by the immigration experience that they became inspired to show up for the Latine community and Mexican culture when they got older.  


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The origin of their business’ name also carries as much story as their own.  

The word “cadena” means chain in Spanish. As mentioned on their website, their belief is that “women are not bound by societal chains or expectations of the roles they should play in the modern age.” For them, the word cadena or chain is a linking factor where women can showcase their strength and power together.  

Choosing the name for their business was, in a sense, serendipitous. Cadena was also the name of the street they lived in Mexico. From Calle Cadena to Collective Cadena, they brought their experience to a full circle.  

“Our name is a symbol of how our life has changed and how moving from Calle Cadena to the United States has given us a world of opportunities,” they write on their website. 

How it all works

Aside from creating fashion concepts that resonate with Latinas and anyone else intrigued with their groundbreaking looks, they make sure everything is produced the right way. The sisters turned business partners developed relationships with Mexican artisans who help them execute their exquisite designs. Using the expertise of these artisans allows them to be 100 percent authentic.  


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Best of all, Alejandra and Mabel have made it a point to pay the artisans a livable wage. Low-balling was never an option.  


Reply to @sandrancasillas here’s a little more background on our prices. We are a marketplace with elevated products that help you show off your cultura and we’re proud to deliver such high quality pieces. ✨ #cadenacollective

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Although, it is heartbreaking to know how many other brands use the skills of people in Latin America and don’t pay them their true worth. Everyone should learn from how Cadena Collective runs their business.  

What else should you know?

Cadena Collective may be on the pricier end of things, but it’s because of the love and care that takes place to create every single product. By supporting Alejandra and Mabel’s dream, you’re supporting the dream of a network of people who look like many of us.  

The sisters, (one of them is a first-generation college graduate and the other sister is a military veteran,) are now owners of a business that helps immortalize the impact of the Latine culture. How great is this?  

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