Is Bad Bunny Teaching Us About Boundaries?

Is Bad Bunny Teaching Us About Boundaries? belatina latine

The new year has barely revved its engine and drama is already a-brewing. 

From the collective grunts as many people get back to business after the holidays to supporters of Tory Lanez retracting their solidarity with the disgraced rapper, we are off to a bumpy start. 

Now, Bad Bunny is caught in a web of differing opinions as he was recorded tossing a fan’s cell phone in the Dominican Republic. 

The recording shows a fan walking alongside him while placing her phone in front of his face. Benito Martinez, who is currently the top global artist, seemed to ignore her at first. However, her persistence was unshakeable. She kept walking next to him with her phone in close proximity to the “YHLQMDLG” artist. 

In an almost unequivocal way, Bad Bunny played out the “bad” from his name and turned the young woman’s smile into probably the quickest frown witnessed. 

Of course, since the video made its rounds on the web, social media has been in a frenzy. Some are supporting his behavior because it seemed to be a portrayal of setting boundaries. 

Others, on the other hand, were disgruntled by his behavior because he “should” be used to not having his personal space respected due to his fame. 

But what’s the right reaction? Should his fans be supportive or should they be critical of what he did? 

Boundaries aren’t meant to please everyone

Well, there are many ways to look at it. However, the bottom line is that Benito is as human as we are, even if we don’t understand what it is to be idolized by millions around the world. 

What El Conejo Malo did was express his frustration and showed the world that he isn’t afraid of setting boundaries. 

Here’s the thing about boundaries: not everyone will agree with them. It is evident he was aware of this considering he tweeted shortly after the incident. He claimed to only be respectful to those who respect him while stating that shoving a phone in his face is disrespectful. 

He’s not the first or last person to set boundaries either. You’ve probably done it at some point, especially since they are vital for anyone’s mental health. After all, boundaries take the form of many behaviors and actions. Boundaries may mean blocking someone from their social media, not attending gatherings hosted by toxic family members, or even saying “no.” And, in most cases, not everyone will agree with how you choose to set your boundaries, but that’s on them, not on you – ever. 


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Though many people think this is a “cancellable” moment for Bad Bunny, this is just an opportunity to learn how to act around people and their personal spaces. Everyone deserves common decency, no matter who they are.

Should Benito have thrown the girl’s phone and damaged it? Probably not. But she should have also treated him like a human being and not an object. The gray area is strong with this event, but I think we can all agree that our community needs to start being okay with boundaries. 

We hope Bad Bunny spoke to someone after he threw the phone (for the sake of reflection) and may the young woman recover her phone in due time. 

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