People Took to Twitter to Gush Over SNL’s Latino-Filled Episode Featuring Karol G, Ana De Armas, and Marcello Hernandez

People Took to Twitter to Gush Over SNL's Latine-Filled Episode Featuring Karol G, Ana De Armas, and Marcello Hernandez
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Saturday Night Live is among the small percentage of television shows who understand the power of representation.  

They’ve made it a point to feature a wide range of guests. They are also striving towards having a more diverse cast, which is more than other popular network television shows can say. Though the TV show has a long way to go, it seems to have its head in the right place.  

In their most recent episode, they had the most Latino/e representation SNL has seen in its four decades of running. They featured both Colombian artist Karol G and Cuban-Spanish actress, Ana De Armas. Their skits were accompanied by SNL’s cast, including Cuban-American comedian, Marcello Hernandez. It is evident that every scene was carefully thought through; this was appreciated by its viewers.  


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From Karol G throwing a jab at GQ Mexico with her outfit to hearing Ana De Armas address the public in the Spanish-language, it was hard not to feel pride watching this episode. Marcello, a Miami, Florida native, also hit every skit with his Cuban flair. This is what orgullo latino is all about.  

What people are saying about the SNL episode

The interwebs also went wild with this SNL episode. Here is what people are saying after watching it: 

People loved both Karol G and Ana De Armas. How could they not? 

Twitter user @giselleb1234 tweeted: “Ana De Armas did a wonderful job hosting. She was so good in every skit. Karol G was amazing! Great episode! #SNL” 

Karol G created a new alphabet song. Watch out Gen Alpha, this will be your tune soon. 

Twitter user @jlover_24 wrote how they were not aware that they were in need of a new alphabet song.  

“i didn’t know i needed a new alphabet song until karol g sang this on snl” 

People, such as @dafnevillacorta, are already thirsting over Marcello and, okay, fair.  

“oh my… i love marcello 😭😂 #SNL,” they Tweeted.  

Of course, Karol G’s shirt did not go unnoticed.  

“Karol G wore a no photoshop shirt on snl after GQ did her dirty like that ok queeennnn,” Twitter user @angellylizeth wrote. 

Unfortunately, some people *cough* Karens *cough* were upset at hearing the Spanish-language on SNL. But Twitter warriors came to the rescue.  

“Some people here are so rude with the Karol G singing in Spanish please people don’t be so mad. Relax! Not everything is English all the time. Enjoy! #SNL” @vivcrespo wrote in their Tweet. 

Best of all, people understood the importance of representation in media. Twitter user @goeyrocks sent out a tweet that encompasses a sentiment many Latinos/es can get behind.  

“I always knew representation in media for all different types of people was important but HOLY SHIT! I never felt that for myself until I saw #SNL tonight! They had a skit w/ 2 Cubans and a Colombian AND they spoke Spanish! Then Karol G singing songs from her new album. Wow.” 

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