U.S. Woman Tried To Illegally Export Mayan Artifacts – Twice In A Month

U.S. Woman Tried To Illegally Export Mayan Artifacts – Twice In A Month Belatina latine
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Can you believe that the Mesoamerican people’s Maya culture was put at risk again? 

On November 14, sources reported that an American woman named Stephanie Allison Jolluck was caught trafficking 166 other pre-Historic artifacts. Get this though: this wasn’t the first time. It was the second time she’s been caught this month. 

A few days earlier (November 10) she was captured trying to smuggle two 1,000-year-old Mayan artifacts from Guatemala City, Guatemala. What?!

The two crimes were back-to-back in Guatemala

On the first crime, she was caught at the airport. Her luggage was too heavy – pues, the two 1,000-year-old artifacts were large Mayan stones – which resulted in a bag inspection. She claimed she bought them at a tourist market in Antigua, Guatemala, and was let go through a recognizance release. 

However, a few days later she got caught again – this time by vehicle and accompanied by another American. The 166 pieces included artifacts like stone spheres, mortars, sculptures, and anthropomorphic figures, to name a few. According to Infobae, the pieces were collected to be examined by professionals to know their worth and authenticity. 

What will happen to her? AP cites the woman could face charges “of trafficking in national patrimony.” It’s still unclear what type of punishment she will be charged with; but considering all this happened in a tight timeline, it’ll hopefully be looked into. 

Who is Stephanie Allison Jolluck?

Multiple sources claim she’s a photographer based in Antigua, Guatemala. Furthermore, many social media users found her alleged Instagram page and are commenting about the situation on her photos.

A social media user, kp86__, wrote under her first photo: “She is NOT an entrepreneur, she is a THIEF. Taking Mayan artifacts ILLEGALLY from Guatemala is a CRIME. You’re not an entrepreneur, stop lying to yourself!!” Yikes!

There’s a fine line between admiring a culture and hurting it. Hopefully, this woman recognizes she’s done wrong by tampering with ancient artifacts. 

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