New Moon in Sagittarius is Setting Us Up for Our Grandest Vision

New Moon in Sagittarius is Setting Us Up for Our Grandest Vision Belatina latine

The New Moon in Sagittarius arrives with a spark of optimism on November 23, 2022, inviting us to lift our gaze from the Scorpio season’s healing work we’ve been confronted with.

Sagittarius, a fire sign, is symbolized by the centaur, half man and half horse, which represents faith, wisdom, foreign travel, the bigger vision, and truth. Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion, is also direct – adding more magic, opportunities, and good juju in Pisces (spirituality/dreams.) 

We emerge from the depths of healing and change. We are now invited to tend to our most exalted dreams for ourselves and the collective!

As we all happily bid our farewell to Scorpio (birth/death/rebirth) season, a time that brought us through two eclipses, October 25 and November 8th as well as El Dia de Los Muertos, we now have the time to put what we’ve learned into practice. 

What relationships, patterns, or stories have been released during eclipse season? 

New Moons are usually a monthly reset and opportunity for new beginnings. The moon governs our emotional processes and what we need in order to thrive emotionally. Last month, due to the eclipse, we were more focused on what we were healing or uncovering. This new Moon we get to do what New Moons invite us to Set new intentions and seed new possibilities. 

Sagittarius is a powerful truth-speaking energy, but it is hampered a bit by the current Mars (action/warrior) in Gemini (messenger/communication) in retrograde. 

The suggestion is to review what needs to be said before saying it and speak from a grounded and kind space. When Mars is retrograde in a sign that governs communication, we see folks ready and able to jump into a verbal spar or intense take-no-prisoners discussion. Forewarned is forearmed. 

There is a stellium in Sagittarius during this New Moon. A stellium is three or more planets in one sign. 

Here we have the moon (emotions/intuition), Venus (love/values), and Mercury (messenger/communication) so there is an overabundance of hope, energy, optimism, and inspiration for us to tap into.

Fan your Inner Flame with this New Moon

Remember to take some time with this New Moon to create a sacred space. You can add flowers, a simple candle, or a crystal of your choice. Say a prayer and ask the Universe/Creator/Spirit to support the release of the old and welcome in the new. Breathe into what you have released, thank it, and exhale and release it. 

As you stare into the flame, imagine that you are staring into the flame of your greatest passion, desire, or vision. 

How much joy and fulfillment can I allow myself to experience? 

What is the grandest vision of myself that I am now choosing to live? 

Write down what you are now invoking into your life. 

For example: 

  • It is now safe for me to shine.
  • It is now safe for me to go after my grandest vision.
  • I am now ready and available to live my most expansive life.

You can be as specific as you want! You can also spend time sketching, drawing, or doodling what this beautiful vision feels like. 

For example: 

Spaciousness. Supported. Unbridled success. Supported from the inside out. Loved. Confidence. Passion. Flow. Energy.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are living it NOW. What does it feel like in your body to have what you want? Allow yourself to continue breathing as you imagine this grandest vision already existing in your body, mind, and spirit now. Repeat: And so it is! Asi sera! This or something better is on its way now. 

As you close out this exercise, remember to go to it in the next two weeks. Spend a bit of time every day daydreaming about your majestic vision and tap into the feeling in your own body. Allow yourself to smile and tingle as you tap into the power of your own manifesting espíritu!

Star vibes, sign by sign 

Please read your horoscopes based on your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for a better perspective. 


You’ll be receiving attention and opportunities flowing your way! While you deserve them (and much more), it’s important to prioritize and be clear about goals and what you are committing to. It ‘s not a time to be súper mujer! Get clear on your intentions, decide on commitments, and then charge toward them. Manténgalo simple este mes.


Generous to a fault, you love to love your people. The problem is, they haven’t all responded the same way in return. This New Moon invites you to honor yourself first, set boundaries, and say “no” more often. True friendships that carry over into the next season will be obvious – as those that need to be left behind too. Be mindful of flirtatious behavior from a friend que te puede traer confusión. If they want to move from friend zone to lover, let them hold your hands en la luz del día! Don’t do it in secret.


This New Moon invites you to slow down and take stock of how your heart is adjusting to grief, loss, and change. If you keep moving quickly, you may be triggered to say or act out in ways that are really not the way you choose to move in the world. This Moon invites you to accept yourself as you are, allow yourself to be, and let your friends love you. ¡Déjate mimar, te lo mereces! 


Your ability to sense/feel others’ feelings makes you a natural empath. This means that while you may feel you’re not doing much (whether it’s work, home, or making dinner), you may actually be picking up your coworkers’ stress and worries. But it’s time to nourish your own energy! Explore restorative yoga, sound healing, or essential oils. Book monthly breaks in advance and take on a new healing modality for the end of 2022! ¡Es hora que te recargues con energía positiva!


You’ve been doing the tough work of reclaiming different aspects of yourself and now your sexy self wants to come out and play! The New Moon in a fire sign lights you up with extra charm. It’s a great time to flirt and explore! Keep in mind that old flames are old flames for a reason. If you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship date tu tiempo and develop real amor despacito. 


The New Moon invites you to spruce up your home or office! You’re usually so focused that you might ignore your everyday surroundings until you have time. However, it’s time to make an appointment with yourself and uplevel so it feels even better! This may mean redecorating, painting, or adding a new piece of furniture. Whatever you do, let it be filled with ease. There will be time for familia and fiesta pronto! 


Born with a deep awareness of the power of your words, this New Moon invites you to tap into that power as you uplevel into your calling and purpose. It’s time to focus keenly on what you’re creating. Continue setting definitive boundaries and moving forward with your plans. Challenges only serve to strengthen your character and resolve. ¡Sigue adelante como si todo lo que quieres ya fuera tuyo!


Transgressive behavior in any form may catalyze profound healing and transformation. Choose that path as you make sense of pivotal moments in your life and shift old patterns to make way for ones that are healing. While others may betray us, it’s important to stay true to ourselves, our values, and our beliefs. Honor what is past. Let yourself grieve for what is done and allow yourself to rejoice for the new that has already arrived. ¡Las viejas heridas se están curando y el nuevo camino es mucho más brillante!


Yasss, it’s your time in the spotlight, dear Sag! This New Moon is lighting up your first house of self, so prepare to be seen, supported, and celebrated! If you’ve been holding back from something you’ve wanted, now is the time to step it up! You’ll have extra sparkle this month and doors will open, so make sure to knock on them and walk through! ¡Es hora de brillar sin miedo! 


You’ve taken on too much lately and you must admit it’s time for a break. Stop piling on more tasks on your TO-DO list and allow yourself to be at peace with controlling and doing the least possible. I know, you’re twitching as you read this but trust the stars, you need to recoup. You’ve been triggered and had to face your shadow of late and it was not fun. There were aspects of yourself that came out of hiding that may have caused some shame. Forgive yourself, tap into self-compassion, and recognize yourself as human as the next person. Necesitas respirar, descansar, meditar y descansar un poco más.


You’ve got superpowers when it comes to connecting with people and paying attention. This New Moon expands your opportunity for connections and networking. You may be shifting your social circles since you’ve noticed certain inconsistencies in co-workers and/or friends. While you are understanding, some of these folks have tripped up on your values one too many times. You release people with ease and continue following your star to bigger spaces and the Universe’s graces. ¡Confía en ti mismo, deja ir el pasado y sigue brillando con tu luz! 


This New Moon invites you to speak your mind. It’s time for you to be more direct rather than let everything rise to a feverish pitch, which oftentimes causes the waterworks to flow. Allowing yourself to address things directly will support your overall sensitive nature and help you remain firm in your boundaries. You know what feels right, though you often people please in order to keep the peace. If you speak directly, you might get the change you truly want and it’s better than waiting until it all hits the fan. This is true for the workplace, friendships, family, and relationships. No estás aquí para leer la mente de los demás y no debes esperar que otros lean la tuya.

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