From ‘Era Gol de Yepes’ to ‘Era Gol de Sánchez’: Colombia’s Goal Called Off Against Brazil in Soccer Match Again

From 'Era Gol de Yepes' to 'Era Gol de Sánchez': Colombia's Goal Called Off Against Brazil in Soccer Match Again
By Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro)

Colombia faced off against Brazil yesterday in the 2024 Copa América, and once again, the referees’ decisions have left Colombian fans fuming. The highly anticipated game saw yet another crucial goal disallowed. 

The match was critical for both teams as it determined which would secure the top spot in their group. As expected, the game was one of the most thrilling of the tournament. 

What Happened in the Copa America Game Between Colombia and Brazil?

In the opening minutes, the game was evenly matched, but Brazil took an early lead. James Rodríguez committed a foul near the penalty area, giving Brazilian forward Raphinha the perfect opportunity to score. Raphinha didn’t miss, slotting the ball into the top corner in the 12th minute to put Brazil ahead. 

The real drama unfolded in the 20th minute. Colombia earned a free kick on the right side of their attack, which James Rodríguez expertly delivered into the box. Davinson Sánchez rose above the defenders and headed the ball into the net, seemingly scoring the equalizer. However, the linesman immediately flagged for offside. The decision was sent to VAR for review, and after several tense moments, the goal was confirmed invalid. The officials ruled that Sánchez was offside, much to the dismay of the Colombian players and fans. The pain was too much to bear for Colombians. How was this happening…again? 

From ‘Era Gol de Yepes’ to ‘Era Gol de Sánchez’


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This disallowed goal brought back memories of Mario Alberto Yepes’ controversial disallowed goal against Brazil in the 2014 World Cup. Just like then, Colombian supporters were left feeling robbed, with many taking to social media to voice their frustration. They argued that the VAR footage showed Sánchez appeared to be level with the last Brazilian defender, raising questions about the accuracy of the offside call. 

Despite the setback, the Colombian team continued to fight hard. The controversy over the disallowed goal overshadowed the result, with fans and analysts alike debating the fairness of the decision. Many Colombian supporters believe that if the goal had stood, it could have changed the course of the game, possibly allowing Colombians to win the game. However, the game ended in a draw (which is not necessarily a bad thing, but all of Colombia wanted a win.)  

For now, Colombia must focus on their upcoming matches, hoping to channel their frustration into future successes on the pitch. 

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