The Power of Amistad: Friendsgiving Is A Better Holiday Than Thanksgiving

Power of Amistad: The Healing Benefits of Friendsgiving belatina latine

For those who have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family – we hear you and genuinely love that for you. But for others who have a troubled relationship with their family members, this one’s for you.

In fact, a poll in 2019 revealed that 7 out of 10 Americans preferred Friendsgiving over Thanksgiving. Why’s that?

Let’s be frank. The corny phrase “family is always there for you” is not universally applicable. Unfortunately, many people have gone through dilemmas that sometimes lead to unsolvable ends. For example, some conservative Latine family members just can’t get it through their heads that your partner is not your “amiguitx,” which, in 2022, sounds as bizarre as ever. Is there not a “La Rosa De Guadalupe” episode that discusses this topic yet?

Circumstances like these are endless when it comes to unamenable minds, which for some reason, are heightened during holidays. And let’s not get started on the mess generational trauma has created for many of us. That’s why today we’re saying it out loud: Friendsgiving is a better holiday than Thanksgiving.

Reasons why Thanksgiving is out, and Friendsgiving is in

Thanksgiving isn’t real. The holiday’s publicist did amazing work because for years we were brainwashed into thinking it wasn’t actually a planned massacre by colonists. We’ve gone in-depth about this before, and still to this day, it blows my mind that we were taught something different in textbooks.

Anyway, besides the cruel historic aspect of it, let’s talk about the gratitude POV of Thanksgiving. Are you scared of that value being lost? 

Well, guess what? Practicing gratitude isn’t exclusive to Thanksgiving.

We should be grateful every day: for our blessings, and overall for being alive. However, this can be done with loved ones other than your family. Have you ever talked to your friends about what you’re grateful for? It’s therapeutic. 

Why else may Friendsgiving be a better option? You choose your loved ones. You choose those who you get to spend your evening of gratitude with. 

For those who want to work things out with family members

If you have ill situations with your blood-related members, I hope one day you have the courage not to put yourself in harm’s way. On the other hand, for those who want to work things out, it comes from the heart when we say that hopefully, this year is better than last.

I know holidays can get tense. Always remember that you’re loved – and you never know, maybe this year will be the year they accept you for who you are.

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