Cosmic Co-Pilots: How Your Sign Should Dictate Your Travel Partners and Places

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Do you ever think about traveling to a specific place with the perfect companion? We associate visiting Paris with our partner; we imagine having fun at Disney World with our whole family, but if we want to go to Las Vegas or Ibiza, we think our closest friends would be the perfect entourage, however what you might never have thought is that traveling with someone compatible with our zodiac sign could completely change the way we enjoy our adventures.

According to Susan Miller, astrologer and founder of AstrologyZone, every star sign should travel with someone who shares the same interests and someone you can get along with. The expert told Condé Nast Traveler that she rediscovered herself and found passion in traveling after growing up with a debilitating congenital condition. “I was desperate to see the world,” she says to the magazine. “I traveled wherever I could and have continued to do so as part of my work.” Luckily, Miller is a peripatetic and her millions of fans around the world can find her doing talks and private readings in a city near them. “I’m privileged to get to meet so many people around the world and hear their personal stories,” she said. 

If you can relate to this phenomenal soothsayer, and wandering around the globe is your true call, then you’ll be speechless after you know who might be your perfect travel buddy. Find below what Susan Miller forecasts for each zodiac sign:

12Aries (March 21–April 19)

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This fiery sign is a born leader, pioneer, and a discoverer, according to Miller. Aries enjoys living a good life and being active on vacation. Activities that require exploring, hiking, or playing sports are your favorite things to do. You are independent, a lone wolf and one-on-one time gives you joy. Miller suggests that your ideal travel companion is a partner or close friend. “As for zodiac compatibility, Aries and Leo are both high-energy, bold signs, and, while you’re more disposed to outdoor pursuits, Leo enjoys the finer things in life so, together, you’ll find a good balance,” the expert revealed.