5 New Songs By Latinas To Listen To This Week

5 New Songs By Latinas To Listen To This Week

Put your earphones or speakers on – it’s time for a music break! Do you ever feel like you listen to the same five songs on repeat? Sure, we love Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti and our nostalgic 2000s tracks – but what’s new? What are the current trending tracks by Latina artists?

If you’re like me and want to discover new tracks – we’ve got you covered. Here are some tunes by both popular and up-and-coming artists that you may never have heard of.

From Shakira’s new highly-anticipated song with Ozuna to the emerging Mexican-American artist Alaina Castillo’s newest single – here are five new music videos from genre-bending Latinas who are crushing the music industry game.

“Monotonía” – Shakira featuring Ozuna

Shakira’s highly-anticipated single is finally out! After weeks of teasing a heartbreak anthem – from posting a real-life looking heart being stepped on to emotional lyrics – our Colombian superstar is back. This time, she teamed up with Ozuna on “Monotonía,” and the result is more epic (and emotional) than we thought. It’s not reggaeton as some may have thought; it’s actually a bachata-inspired song about a hardcore heartbreak. In the new music video, after a teary-eyed Shakira gets shot through her heart, she ends up locking her heart in a safe box. How’s that for a metaphor? P.S. The lyrics are deep too: “Me dejaste por tu narcisismo [You left me because of your narcissism].” Ouch!  

“Beautiful (2022 Version) – Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera brought back her popular 2002 hit “Beautiful” to our attention with a powerful new music video. In sync with her 20th anniversary celebration of Stripped and World Mental Health Day, she revealed a new version of “Beautiful.” The music video follows stories of people that do not feel good enough due to social media expectations – from young girls in beauty pageants to girls thinking about cosmetic surgery. However, towards the video’s end, the featured protagonists mouth the encouraging words of the song and they appear in higher spirits. Leave it to Xtina to bring tears to our eyes!

“(Escapándome) de mí” – iLe

“(Escapándome) de mí” is one of the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter’s most personal tracks from her upcoming album Nacarile that’s being released on Friday, October 21. It marks her first-ever self-directed music video which appears to describe an inner-journey of letting go of insecurities, all while being surrounded by an aura-like and colorful ambiance. In a press release she mentions how this song is her favorite, partly because it experiments with autotune. She said: “I didn’t want the song to stay in the monotony of my voice.” The result? A psychedelic masterpiece.

“Awakening” – Las Robertas

Las Robertas is one of my favorite Costa Rican psychedelic bands – and they’re officially back! They released their new single “Awakening” from their upcoming album Love is the Answer due on February 3. Their surf-experimental type of sound instantly gives you a beach vibe that’s hard to not get into. “The track is about going through hard times, but realizing there will be an end for it, maybe not as fast as you want, but there is light, hope and better things to come,” the lead vocalist Mercedes said in a written press statement. Needless to say, we’re definitely looking forward to Love is the Answer

“fantasies” – Alaina Castillo

The Mexican-American emerging artist Alaina Castillo released her newest EP fantasies, paired with her newest music video of the same name. It’s a rhythmic dream pop song that channels your inner sad girl, which is a common theme throughout the EP. “’fantasies’ is a song about being in a relationship with someone while you’re still sorting out the trauma in your life,” Castillo said in a written press statement. “even though you’re putting his poor heart and soul through PAIN and manic stages, you’re still trying to do better & you’ll do anything to make up for it 😌 aka whatever his fantasies are.”

What are your favorite new tracks?

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